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The Lennon Wall in HK against the Anti-Masks Law


Cops forced their way into a shopping mall even though the security guards tried to stop them. They also pushed a report over.


誰に突撃したんだ? 押し入る前にターゲットを決めていなかったのか? 彼らは無作為に選んで飛び掛かり逮捕している!

Who the fuck are they charging? They couldn’t have had a target before they got through the door?? They just picked some rando to tackle and arrest!

ランダム逮捕に、モールへの無意味な突撃か。しかし俺たちに何ができるんだ? クソ

They just randomly arrested that dude and then gone, break in a mall for this nonsense,but what can we do?fucking hell.


My theory is one cop wanted access to the mall to look for protestors, but management said no. That pissed them off, so they decided to do this. Then when they finally break in, they look for anyone to “justify” their entering.

なぜ君をこんなにもハードに守らせてくれるんだ? by 警官 - 市民を殴りながら

Why do you make me protect you so hard??!! -cop while punching citizens.

私有地であることを考えると、乱闘による損害がある場合、それは修復しないといけない。しかし税金で直せるわけではないだろう。 また、ショッピングに行って買い物のついでに殴られるのもよくない。客は来るのをやめるかもしれない。呼んでもいないのに警官が来るのはおかしなことだ

Given it’s private property, if there’s damage from any scuffles then that’s gotta get fixed. It’s not like it comes from the tax payer. And it doesn’t look good if you’re going to the mall to shop and get beat up. People might stop coming. Still weird that the police would come when not called.

誰か、ランダムに捕まった人々がどうなるのか教えてくれないか? 彼はここで何らかの権利を持っているのか、それとも裁判なしで中国本土に移送されるのか?

Can someone explain what's happening to people they pick up and/or the rando in the video. Does he have any kind of rights here or will he be carted off to mainland China without a trial? Trial or straight to an internment camp?

どのような容疑か(暴行の扇動、あるいは覆面法に反対する"暴動") によって、彼らは警察署に送られ、48時間後に釈放されるか、裁判を待つために拘置所に移送される。警察は、逮捕された人がどこにいるかをソーシャルワーカーや弁護士に教えないことが多く、弁護士が逮捕者と話すのを阻止するために、彼らを拘置所に入れないようにしている。

Depending on what charges they’re facing (inciting violence, defying mask law, “rioting”) they’ll be sent off to a police station and either released after 48 hours or be moved to a detention center to await trials. Police often won’t tell social workers or lawyers where the arrested person is, and have blocked lawyers from talking to arrestees by not allowing them into detention centers. The infamous San Uk Ling detention center is known to be a horrible place. People who’ve been locked up there have reported sexual assault by police, beatings, and (I believe) someone mentioned torture.


しかし! ほとんどの場合、警察は抗議者の身元を隠し、弁護士にも会わせず、逮捕した事実も明らかにしない。逮捕された場合は基本的にカメラに撮られるか友人がいない限り誰も分からない(そのため、逮捕されたときに自分の名前を叫ぶ人がいる、そして警察が逮捕の際に抗議者の口を塞ぐのも目にする)

解放されたり、保釈されたりした人々の多くは、48時間の間に殴られたり(何人かの医師と看護師が確認した) 強姦されたり、あるいは、水も新鮮な空気もない暑い駐車場で拷問を受けたと言った。




IF the police play by the rule, they can detain a suspect for 48 hours and decide if they want to place a charge or release them. Suspect has right to get a lawyer and all the rights you would expect, innocent until proven guilty in court. But! Most of the time the police try to hide the identity of the protesters, deny their right for meeting their lawyer, keep the whole arrest a secret, basically if you get arrested no one on earth will know unless it is caught on camera or your friends were there. (that’s why you see some people yell out their name when they were arrested, and that’s why you also see police cover the protester’s mouth when arresting them) For those who were released or bailed out, a lot of them said in that 48 hours they get beaten up (some doctors and nurse confirmed that) and even raped, or other torturing get placed in a hot parking lot without water or fresh air. Sadly I’m not done explaining yet. There have been a lot of dead body discovery within these 2/3 months, the number is crazy and totally unusual, police done some quick investigation for each and said these are all suicide case with nothing suspicious, including one pulled up from the ocean, tied with bricks, with their hands tied up... there are a lot other weird cases you don’t need to be a police to know something doesn’t add up... a lot of us believe they are protesters who were killed by the police when they get beaten up/ tortured, or even killed on spot. Back to your question a bit, we have no way to know if any of them were sent to China because we don’t even know who were arrested. God bless Hong Kong.

New NBA logo

New NBA logo


It really pains me to see the NBA go for the money than the right thing to do.


I’m uninformed, what’s the context here.

ヒューストン・ロケッツのGMは、香港を支持する声明をリツイートした。中国はその後、ヒューストン・ロケッツ(おそらくゴールデンステート・ウォリアーズに次いで中国で2番目に人気のあるチーム) への言及をネットから削除し、今後は全試合を放映しない方針を決めた。NBAは、社会の問題に対して正しく向き合いたいと主張してきたが、この問題については沈黙を守っている。彼らは中国を侮辱することを恐れ、中国市場で(多くの)金を失うことを恐れ、偽善者と呼ばれている

Houston Rockets GM retweeted a pro-HK statement. China flipped out and is now taking down all mention of the Houston Rockets (probably the 2nd most popular team in China after golden state) from the internet and will not show any of their games in the future. The NBA is staying silent on the issue even though they claim to be a very progressive business who does the right thing on social issues. They are being exposed as hypocrites as they are afraid to insult China and lose (a lot of) money in the Chinese market.


The NBA didn't stay silent though. They released a statement against the GM Daryl Morey. The owner also was against his statement and James Harden says he loves China.

今シーズン、試合に行くとき「Free 香港」のサインを持って行きたいんだが、それは5つの要求とは違うのは知っている。でもメッセージを分かりにくくしたくはない。香港支持を簡潔に伝えるにはどうすればいいだろう?

If I go to a game this season, I want to bring a "Free HK" sign, but I know that isn't one of the 5 demands. I don't want to confuse the message. Is there anything as concise that would convey my support?

こっちでどうだろう、スローガンの一部なんだが……"光復香港"、"時代革命"、最初の言葉は「Liberate(解放) 香港」 または「Free 香港」と訳される

It’s not, but it’s part of THE slogan... 光復香港, 時代革命 The first part is translated as Liberate Hong Kong, or sometimes Free Hong Kong

>最初の言葉は「Liberate(解放) 香港」 または「Free 香港」と訳される

The first part is translated as Liberate Hong Kong, or sometimes Free Hong Kong No it doesn't... HK doesn't want independence, they want to have the power to elect someone to govern HK and not hand picked by CHina.


If you do a quick google search you’ll see that protesters themselves are using liberate and free hk slogans when protesting or when spraying graffiti.


I don’t see why not, NBA is a Chinese company anyway. Btw I think we should turn Blizzard logo red too, since it is even more disgusting than NBA for what it did to the Hong Kong hearthstone player. We can’t just watch more and more American companies turn into CCP lovers


Blizzard is protecting its company image and profit over human rights, Don't purchase their games anymore.


Blizzard has removed Hong Kong Hearthstone player blitzchung from Hearthstone Grand Masters, rescinded all his prize money, and have suspended him from pro play for one year for his recent interview.

これはいいことだ(少なくともデモ隊には) これによりブリザードは、Blitzchung氏の発言よりもはるかに多くの注目を浴びることになる

This is a good thing(for the protests, at least). With this move, Blizzard has brought way more attention to Hong Kong's issues than blitzchung's original statement on stream ever could have.

よし! 手遅れになる前に西洋はその無関心を改めるべき!



We don't want to ignore it.. Our government surely seems to want to though.

どうするべきだろう? 中国がめちゃくちゃだということは知っている。できればアメリカ製か、少なくとも非中国製を買いたいんだ。しかし、巨大企業たちは中国企業とベッドを共にするのを止められない

I mean what is there to do? I have known China is fucked up. I buy American or at least non-Chinese made when I can. But I can’t stop these mega tech giants from getting in bed with them.


Good point. It's a lot easier to be apathetic about the CCP's actions if you legitimately believe they aren't effecting you. Bullying corporations in this way, especially such public entertainment powerhouses, is helping to erase that option and force people to be a lot more actively ignorant if they want to avoid having an opinion about all of this.

私はWoW classicを再開しようと思っていたが、もしこれが彼らのスタンスなら、私はクソみたいなEAのゲームを買う。Blizzardのボイコットに参加してください。現在課金していて、プレイをやめる場合は、アンケートにその理由を記入してほしい。

追記: シルバーに感謝! ここだけでなく、Blizzardの他のコミュニティでも、多くの人がこの問題について、これは受け入れられないと言ってくれているのは嬉しい!

I was going to resubscribe to play Classic, but if this is their stance, I’d rather buy a bloody EA game. Join me in boycotting Blizzard, if you are currently subscribed and intend to unsubscribe, make sure you write this as the reason on the questionnaire. Edit: Obligatory thanks for the Silver! I’m happy to see so many people, not just here but in other Blizzard communities, take a stand on this issue and say this is unacceptable!



Imagine living in a world where EA is the better option over Blizzard.


That’s only because it hasn’t happened to EA yet. I have no doubt EA would bend over to China in an instant for money.


All we have to do is spam #FREEHONGKONG every place we can in their games and in 24 hours the phrase will be banned from every game they offer. Then we can go back to hating EA slightly more than Blazzard.


I don’t have subscription. I uninstalled hearthstone and tried to get the diablo switch refund


I'm reinstalling Apex as we speak.


Good, new map is lit. Chinese hackers are gone too.


Yeah my sub is ensidig in a week, will not renew and let them know exactly why. Usually not a smart move to piss of gamers around the globe.


First NBA, then Activation-Blizzard, this is what's gonna happen to the world if CCP keep on getting away from violating human rights. The public must speak up and stand firm against censorship and the total authoritarian regime. Hong Kong might be the frontline of such movement, but the world should rally together before it is too late.


Don't forget about the South Park incident.


The creators of South Park mocking China’s government in response to them banning their show

よくやったサウスパーク! 彼らは最終的には金のためなんかじゃなく我々のためにやってくれるんだよ

Good for South Park! Finally someone who actually supports us and won’t lick China’s asshole for money.

これが正しい対応だ( ̄ー ̄)

This is the correct response :-)


I thought this was america


I don't think anyone has said this in like 10 or 15 years but this new South Park episode is super important


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