なぜこんなに人気なんだ? 映画『鬼滅の刃』大ヒットに対する海外アニメファンの反応




This anime literally saved the industry


I don't understand how the movie broke a world record. Like holy shit I really don't get how it's this massive of a hit.


It didn't break a world record, it broke a japan record


because it adapted an arc not just side story so everyone wants to watch it.


>I really don't get how it's this massive of a hit. it's good


But it's not THAT good


Compared to shit like One Piece? It's a breath of fresh air in the shounen cat.


Yeah but its pretty good and inoffensive good for parent & children's

shonen = 少年マンガやそれを原作としたアニメ。あるいは似たような作風のコンテンツを指す言葉


Yea idk. If anything it just showed that with high enough production values you can make loads of money with a middling story, as long as its safe and generic. This might actually narrow down what gets adaptions in the future. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but it feels like a step in the direction of Hollywood. And that's a bad thing.


The point is that it more than doubled the previous biggest OW in Japan. That's like something in the States doubling Endgame's 350 mil. OW. Even without any competition, it's fucking ridiculous. Especially considering that Japan has less than 10% of US' screens, third of the population, and nowhere near the moviegoing culture.


Also that fact that it's anime and a sequel movie is pretty insane.


KnY has perfected the standard shonen. It doesn't break the mold, but it does it very well.


Previously it was MHA, now it's KnY. I wonder what's the next series to "perfect shonen".


mha was never this popular lmao


Mootxico is a small market with at best some dozen of series published. Murica is still a smaller market than France.


>KnY has perfected the standard shonen. It doesn't break the mold, but it does it very well. what does it do that is so well its the same cookie cutter character and generic feudal japan samari in every other shounen


it is a very straight to the point story, when a villian is evil it kills it, when they have to search for someting they search it, when a character has to die it dies, and so the story doesn't feel forced, it flows and blends very well, te fights against the upper moons are full of tension and always make you shit yourselff because you don't know what will happen

なぜヒロアカよりも成功したんだろうか? 理解できん、ヒロアカのほうが先に出ていたのに

How did this ever do better than MHA? I just dont get it, MHA is leagues ahead of it.


The same reason why McDonalds sells more than Cheesecake Factory


Resonance with the primary audience's knowledge of history. It's every bit a celebration of Japan's majesty of a bygone era as it is a story of samurai slaying demons. MHA has the novelty of Western superheroes seen through a Japanese lens, but KnY capitalized on the sense of homegrown nationalism.




>samurai >very japanese centric >traditional family values also wani basically gave all the children really depressing backstories and then had them be amazing people anyways literally every single character either is traumatized by the death of their loved ones or was abused by their family members, a few of them even show very obvious signs of childhood abuse like kanao wani constantly shits on her characters and has them be amazing people anyway, even with most of them dying

>オーマイガッ こんなことがあっただなんて!


>basic bitch character backstory >O MAI GAWD THIS IS AMAZING This is why nobody takes knyfags seriously


Every character is good and the MC is very likable, brave, honest and cares deeply for people close to him. It takes place during a cool time period in the world, has some interesting battles and people actually die and the risk of death is always present. Uzui is my favorite hashira but Tanjiro is still the best character in the series


>Every character is good >Tanjiro is still the best character Are you 12 y/o ? Just curious/

ファン層の半分は12歳くらいの子供でいっぱいだよ。5年前にFate UBWのファンはufotableを高く評価していたのに、鬼滅のファンは誰も制作スタジオや業界関係に対して関心など持っていない

Half of the fanbase is filled with 12 year olds. You can tell because nobody in this stupid fucking fanbase acknowledges ufotable or anything anime industry related compared to how much credit UBW fans gave them 5 years ago.


Imagine how much lower the sales of the manga would be had some other studio besides ufotable had animated the series


The whole reason Ufotable put so much time into the anime and the movie is because they saw how well the manga was doing.

アホか? 鬼滅なんて19話まで誰も気にしてなかっただろ。ufoが時間と手間をかけてアニメを作ったのはいつものことだし

Are you dumb? Nobody cared about Demon Slayer until episode 19. Ufotable put their time and effort into this anime because that's what they always do.


It already sold well in Japan and have strong fanbase before the anime, the sale actually raise steadily before episode 19. Just ebcause the West doesn't care about it doesn't mean that no one care about it.

この場合「よく売れていた」というなら、ワンピースヒロアカHxHのようなジャンプの巨頭並に売れてないといけないんだが? 実際には19話の前まではドクターストーン約束のネバーランド辺りと同レベルだった


You realize when you say it "sold well", you should be comparing it to the WSJ giants like One Piece, BnHA, and HxH, right? The fanbase pre-episode 19 was about the same as shit like Dr. Stone and TPN. Ufotable puts out quality content no matter what they work on and if they did shit like Dr. Stone and TPN then it would be the same level of quality.


Yeah, real fair compare when a series that on it way to reach those sale to other series that already establish themselves. The point is that by the time episode 19, KnY was already on the rising status


I hope this inspires other studios to make good adaptations even when the manga is not that great.


but the manga is indeed great, it goes to the point unlike most shonen which is very childish like Boku no Hero, black clover, jujutsu, and one piece, no that Kimetsu is mature butit at least goes straight to the point and do not deviates


Is Japan fine already for people to be going to movie theaters?


yep, japan didnt really get super fucked by covid


Lots of female fans.

なんで女さんは誰も見ない足にこういうことするのか? もっといいところに描けばいいのに

Why do women think I want to look at their fucking feet? Put your nice art somewhere nice.


they know what men want


Children. I teach English to 6 year-olds in a small town in Japan, heck almost every single kid LOVES KnY, it's pretty much the only thing they talk about. Think Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! back in middle school. Don't forget that a big portion of WSJ readers are kids and even pre-teens in Japan.


It's so damn violent for that age. There is gonna be a new age of gorehounding in japan in a few years from DS desensitizing everyone.


Honestly, this being so popular is the biggest mystery of the entire anime history.


Really likable characters bundled with sob story plots that serviceably hit their mark, unique and attractive artstyle, and very pretty animation


a success that's acknowledged by the government


>japanese government thanking wani for contributing to japanese culture what's the chances they reference it at the olympics and have someone do the dance of the fire god to light the torch?


1. 名無しchan
2. 名無しchan
そりゃ一般層にも受ける要素があるからだろ あと子供にも分かりやすいストーリー。主人公が善人で家族愛もあるアクション作品なんて人気になるに決まってる アニメファンが喜ぶ作品はニッチになりがちだけど、アニメファンと一般層のどちらからも支持されりゃもう怖いものなしよ
3. 名無しchan
日本の時事や現象を分かってるフリ、つもりの外国人。 なぜ素直に「分からない」と言えないのか。
4. 名無しchan
>>それは他のshonen作品で見たようなキャラで封建時代の日本を描いたことを 大正時代は封建社会じゃねえっつうの、鬼滅は第一次大戦の前ごろの時代設定だ
5. 名無しchan
6. 名無しchan
日本人ですら謎の現象だわ アニメ化する前のコミック売上は大したことなかったのに、アニメではかなりの予算がつぎ込まれ、作画・音楽共にクォリティの高い作品を提供した制作会社。このアニメ化後にまさかのコミック馬鹿売れ。ここまで予見して投資したた人の先見の明がすごいわ。
aniplexの高橋氏が集英社に企画書持ち込んだみたいね https://toyokeizai.net/articles/-/383711
7. 名無しchan
外人の想像による分析を必死に読む俺 我ながら馬鹿だなあ
8. 名無しchan
9. 名無しchan
***したんだから受けるの当たり前、的な意見見かけるけど 今までそれやる人あまりいなかったんだよね
10. 名無しchan
11. 名無しchan
スポンジボブがずっと人気なのも 日本人からしたら1000倍 謎だと思うけどね
12. 名無しchan
コロナの影響もあるだろうし「大」ヒットになった理由など、誰にも分からんだろ。 ヒットした理由なら、ufotableの力もあるし、分かりやすく、情に訴えるストーリー、好感の持てる主人公。
13. 名無しchan
前にならえが多い国民性だからだろうな 何割が本気で楽しんでるのだろうか
14. 名無しchan
15. 名無しchan
16. 名無しchan
17. 名無しchan
18. 名無しchan
昔のポケモンや妖怪ウォッチみたいなもんだろ 今ジャンプは看板タイトルが減ってきてるから必死なんだよ
19. 名無しchan
アニメ自体が多くのエリアで放送してた 放映した側は制作時に既にかなりの手ごたえがあったのだと思う ここまでヒットするとは思ってなかっただろうとは思うが
20. 名無しchan
鬼滅程度の暴力描写がなんだ 昔の漫画やアニメの方がよっぽど暴力まみれよ 北斗やDBで育った世代はどうすんだ
21. 名無しchan
映画の売り上げ事情と、鬼滅ブームの事情は区別しておかないと、確実に勘違いするぞ。 映画の事情は、競合作無し&コロナ後の最初のメジャー作って追い風がなければ半分も稼げたか怪しい。 一方で、それを差し引いても鬼滅ブームは結構なものだが、他作品と比較してここまで持ち上げられるものか?と思ってしまうのもある。 普通じゃない事情が2つ重なっているから、余計にみんな分からなくなっている感じ。
22. 名無しchan
>しかしここまでヒットするほどじゃないだろ 自分の評価が絶対だと言う奴はどこにでもいるんだなぁ
23. 名無しchan
スーパーヒーローものに熱狂している欧米の連中が、 子供向けとか言っているのがジョーク
24. 名無しchan
25. 名無しchan
コロナで家でアニメを見る時間が増えたから、ファンが増えたんだろ。 うちのカミさんもテレビシリーズ見てたからな。映画も見に行ってた。
26. 名無しchan
>日本政府はワニに対して日本文化への貢献に感謝の意を表したこと オリンピックで誰かが火の神ダンスを踊りながら聖火を灯すことになっても不思議じゃないね これ採用しよう
27. 名無しchan
そもそもアメリカは、どっかの誰かが突然強くなる神に与えられた奇跡と、神が現れて助けてくれる他人任せな文化やん? 日本は努力して勝ち上がっていく根気と根性の文化やん? 韓国は他人から奪う文化やん? つまり日本人の高尚な考え方が受けてるんだから、他人任せのアメリカには分からんわな
28. 名無しchan
嫌なら見なきゃいいだけやん なんで人気かどうかを気にするんだよ 本当に疲れるわ もう日本をほっといてくれ 海外は海外で好きなアニメを作って楽しんだらええやん
29. 名無しchan
30. 名無しchan
>ファン層の半分は12歳くらいの子供でいっぱいだよ。5年前にFate UBWのファンはufotableを高く評価していたのに、鬼滅のファンは誰も制作スタジオや業界関係に対して関心など持っていない 「制作スタジオや業界関係に対して関心など持っていない」から何だって言うんだよ 別に業界の話するのもいいけど、作品の事だけ語る奴をバカにするようになったら流石に拗らせ過ぎだわ
31. 名無しchan
アメリカの歴代興行収入上位って スターウォーズとアベンジャーズばっかりだぞw 結局どこの国でも子供向けが一番面白い
32. 名無しchan
33. 名無しchan
箱が空いてたとか、競争がなかったとかよく言われてるけど、正直関係ないよな。特典450万用意してる時点で元々見込んでいた数。 自粛でサブスクと話題が広まったのはでかいが、ドラえもんだって条件は同じ。 世の中が通常でもこの出来だと君の名くらいは累計でいったと思う