傑作JRPG! 『ゼノブレイド』シリーズについて語る海外ゲーマー

傑作JRPG! 『ゼノブレイド』シリーズについて語る海外ゲーマー








>Amazing JRPG >Sequel is utter garbage and ruins everything the original did from the art style to story to combat to the characters >Tries to cover its flaws with anime cringe and coomer bait thus making it even more shit Is there any hope for Xenoblade 3 bros?



You remember Shulk Reyn Melia Fiora and Dunban because they are good characters with soul You remember Pyra and Mythra because you saw Rule 34 of them. You don't remember Rex. Soulless game

ゼノブレ1 = 神、ゼノブレ2 = C級キモオタゲー

Lmao so true, XBC1 = Kino, XBC2 = C-grade Fap material


The only main characters in Xenoblade 1 who were actually well written were Melia, and ironically Riki. Xenoblade 1's cast is the flattest, least developed and most one-dimensional cast of any Xeno game. I'd even argue that Xenoblade X has a better main cast.



Aside from the memes, I don't really remember Reyn or Fiora that much. And I mostly remember Dunban for being a badass, and less because of his actual personality. I do think a lot about Rex and Pyra in XB2 though, I think they were decently well developed, though I wish we got a more in-depth camping/inn mechanic such that we could see some cute vignettes of the party interacting with each other, might have been a good way of progressively showing Rex and Pyra's relationship develop. XB2 also has the best character in the trilogy, so I can't really complain


And you remember Morag because she's the most soulful character in the series.


You remember Nia because she is the only welsh character in vidya ever



and nobody remembers xcx at all


That's the curse of being a Pii U title.

同意 desu。ゼノブレ1のほうがシリアスさがあったしキャラクターにも意味があった。ゼノブレ2はキモい上に中身がない。本当の意味での「いいキャラ」とは、ありがちな展開に抗ったり予想を覆して見せたりするのではなく、どれだけ人々に共感されたり夢中にさせるかが重要なわけ。そしてキャラクターが持つストーリーや運命に興味を持ってもらえるかが大事なんだよ


True desu, Xeno 1 you took more seriously and the characters were more meaningful. Xeno 2 felt distant cringe and plastic. People need to realise that what makes a truely "good character" is not how many TV tropes you can subvert or defy but how well you can have an affinity or investment in the characters and how much it can make you care for their story and their fate. XB1 understood this, XB2 did not. The only real investment was in Dem tiddies and dat ass. Everything else was bland uneventful and low stakes, and the characters were just impossible to take seriously


But XBC2 is better than XBC1 in every way


Bad bait


Wrong, but I do think XB2 is the better game. Despite its flaws it just has a lot more personality in its presentation and the customization in combat BTFOs XB1. I DO wish it didn't succumb to weebshit territory at times and that it wasn't blatantly rushed, because it could've been the objective best game of the bunch instead of a diamond in the rough. X is great too.



Not in every way, but I certainly prefer 2 to 1. 1's biggest strengths were in its presentation. That's not constrained purely to the visual aspect but also the musical, the level-setup, the introduction of new gameplay elements, and in its story's pacing and such. Xenoblade is proof that things like good QoL and considerate presentation can elevate a consistently 7/10 game to a 9/10 or even a 10/10, because it's that presentation that helps the meat of the game resonate with players. I think XB2's characters, story writing and gameplay systems are all generally better than XB1's. But I can't really recommend XB2 to friends because I know the hump to get over until you get to the good shit is pretty significant. XB1 has no such barrier to entry, it gets right to work on getting players invested in the least painful ways possible for non-JRPG fans.



Tetsuya Takahashi on Xenoblade 1>“…in terms of my own personal goal–my vision of an ideal game–I’d honestly have to say that it’s barely 5% of the way there.” >“To be honest, there are times when I think I’ve atrophied as a writer since the Xenogears era.” >” [I’m] grateful for the game’s positive reputation, [but I and my team] didn’t set out to make Xenoblade Chronicles into the company’s magnum opus. It was made to be an experiment” Tetsuya Takahashi on Xenoblade 2>"Xenoblade 2 is kind of like a culmination of all the things that I have done--and would like to have done--from my past." >"I want to make something that people can look back on fondly one day as something that really shaped their lives. Something like what I loved as a boy, like Oliver! (by Carol Reed) and Galaxy Express 999 (by Rintaro). — That’s why I started working on this game." >"For “Xenoblade 2”, I think a lot of people feel a sense of stiffness and lack of mobility for today’s society, and I wanted to make something that would cheer people up."

[Music] Xenoblade Chronicles X - NLA: Day


Tetsuya Takahashi on XBX and 2>"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB6XKsE43KQ sounds fantastic!" >"And these designs look great!"


bad character design の画像検索結果


all this tells me is that takahashi is a fucking idiot who loves gacha and moeshit though.

高橋は萌えを焼き直し続けているんだから(エメラダ、モモ、リン、ハナ) 驚くようなことではない

Shouldn't be surprised about that dude, he's been rehashing moe (Emeralda, Momo, Lin, Poppi) in nearly every game.


People who hate anime should never play Japanese games.


I don't hate anime, I hate happy-go-lucky blank slate shounen protagonists with Gary Stu powers. That garbage makes the medium look bad.




>happy-go-lucky Sure>blank slate a bit much but I can see it>Gary Stu I would debate this, Rex is pretty much nothing without Pyra and Mythra.


I'm playing this right now and while I love the environments and music and I like the combat but the story, worldbuilding and characters are pretty standard stuff. I like the game but I'm kinda getting the same feeling I got playing Persona 4 which is that it's been overrated for a decade by people who played it when they were a kid/teenager when it released.


Cope, the story, worldbuilding and characters are the best of the past 10 years.

ないわ。ストーリーはよくある選ばれし勇者の物語だし、世界観も巨神と機神のコンセプトを除けば平凡だし(でも種族の描き方は頑張ってたね。エルフを入れずにハイエンターにしたりね) おまけにキャラクターにも深みがない(JRPGにそこまで期待してたわけじゃないが、それにしたってみんな画一的だ)

not really, the story is a pretty generic chosen heroes quest, the worldbuilding is pretty stock outside of the concept of the mechonis and bionis (but the way the races are all portrayed is pretty standard stuff, high entia are just not-elves etc) and the characters have almost no depth to them (its a jrpg so i'm not expecting a ton of depth but they're all pretty static and bland)



>the story is a pretty generic chosen heroes quest No, you're just too retarded to appreciate a story that actually has the balls to get the MC on a genocide revenge quest and make a fantastic swerve to themes about fate and rebelling against opression. Not even gonna comment on the worldbuilding since you're obviously blind and can't appreciate how well crafted it is. Literally 100x more soulfull than the usual anime tropes and pandering shit you see in most JRPGs. They are grounded and believable.

なぜみんなゼノブレ1にはアニメのお約束展開がなかったかのように言うんだ? シュルクがムムカとエギルを見逃そうとしたことを思い出せ「彼らを殺したら僕らも彼らと同じになっちまうぞ」

Why don't people remember all the cringe tropey shit in XC1? Remember when Shulk spared Mumkhar and Egil because "dude if we kill them we'll be just like them?" not saying xc2 isn't anime cringe but people really have rose tinted glasses for xc1


I didn't mind him sparing Egil, but Mumkhar was just stupid

関連記事:アニメの「お約束」で嫌いな台詞や展開ってある? 海外アニメファンの反応



I feel like, in terms of Xenoblade, each game has been a step in trying to fully retell Gears in a rebooted manner. Blade 1 was about 50% of the way there, Blade 2 was about 75% of the way there, and Blade 3 will more than likely be 100% of the way there. It helps that the prior mentioned games established the frame work for the series, and things have been steadily built up over time, instead of being dropped as one overly ambitious package like Gears. For as much praise as Gears gets, I feel like a majority of people didn't truly experience the story. Characters fall into irrelevancy harder than Blace, the story is an exposition dump on par with a LN, and a lot narrative aspects aren't fully explained.


>the story is an exposition dump on par with a LN I've been playing it recently and I dread every time they give Citan a chance to speak because he won't stop talking or give exposition or think something cryptic that won't be explained until later The super slow text crawl doesn't help either


Is there a better JRPG antagonist than Malos?


Albedo was great in EpI but just alright in II and III. Meanwhile Malos just gets more based as time goes on.


There are better antagonists in general but he's my favorite by a country mile. I just beat FF6 for the first time and while I thought Kefka was pretty good in the role he served as the first-act antagonist who evolves into the main antagonist, he himself wasn't that complex. Malos on the other hand does the same thing and seems to play the role incredibly straight, deferring to Jin (who keeps getting stronger the more we see him), only to end up being the last man from Torna standing. It was cool seeing him in the end, with all the history he had with Rex and Pyra and new knowledge of what he was.



Xenoblade 1 is an extremely simple, and stereotypical JRPG plot executed extremely well. The plot doesn't deviate from the standard JRPG story-telling but instead embraces it and twists it into a tightly packed and well-paced narrative. Motivations tend to be black and white, and for the most part villains (excluding Egil) are blatantly evil because it progresses the plot. Protagonists, your party, allies, villains, and antagonists are all mostly basic characters with enjoyable personalities and fun quotes who stay true to their character from beginning to end, but they stay this way to serve their purpose in moving the story forward Xenoblade 2's an overly ambitious, very inspired and multifaceted JRPG plot executed extremely middlingly and without proper polishing. The plot subverts a lot of common JRPG expectations whilst also trying to hearken back to an earlier era of Japanese story-telling. It suffers from pacing issues in the early half. Motivations generally tend to be very morally gray, and even the truly evil villains have understandable reasons to do what they're doing within context, and their motivations tend to overlap and criss-cross over into other characters motivations and create a large web of inter-character drama. The plot is progressed by the characters, and the story often slows down or even halts to take time to flesh out the protagonists and the antagonists. Interpretations and impressions of characters change with revelations throughout the plot, or through later retrospection. The characters change throughout the plot because the story is ultimately about the characters.


both are good games but despite all its faults i appreciate 2 a lot more


First game was great. X was a great mech power fantasy. Second game even better. Torna had best music and best combat. 10/10 series, will buy every game they make and eat them up like the cum hungry whore I am. Fuck I love xeno series


i just beat it and you know i was kinda having doubts about this game but man once you get to mechonis it just becomes non-stop kino until the very end, the whole like "defy destiny" shit was kinda whatever but the twist of zanza being a human who accidentally fucking destroyed the universe fucking blew me away, i dont know if this is like a common xeno thing as its my first one but damn


Xenoblade 2 is superior to 1 in combat mechanics, likable characters, and depth of the world. 1 has a more comfy "exploring the wilderness" feel, but a lot of that wilderness is just huge and empty.


Why does it feel like the only people who are extremely critical of Xenoblade 2 only played Xenoblade 1? I see more people who've played Xenogears or Xensoaga praise Xenoblade 2 than trash it.


Xenosaga elitists have hated Xenoblade 1 even back in 2011, so it's no surprise.


I played XC1 day one and I felt alienated as fuck when so many of its fans started shitting on 2. Both are pretty fucking good games, albeit with different strengths and weaknesses. I don't think most Xenogears and Saga fans care about Blade at all.


Am I seriously the only one who enjoyed XB1 and XB2?


Love all 3 and none of this shitflinging will ever change that.


1. 名無しchan
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ゼノギアスが最高なのは論をまたないけど。 サーガ1からサーガ2へのダウングレードに比べれば、そしてゼノサーガ3のガッカリな展開に比べれば、ゼノブレイド2は大傑作と言えるよな。。。 もっともゼノブレイド1のほうがシナリオはカッコいいよね。2は主人公の幼稚さがさすがにテンプレすぎる。 クロスはキャラデザインがステキで、マップを駆け巡るオープンワールド感と今どきのps4世代とくらべてもなお素晴らしかったけど、 それ以外は全部が話にならない出来栄え。なによりストーリーが話になってない。 でもまあ批判されてるうちが華だよ。真のゴミはただ忘れられるだけ。まして海外でさえ話題になるなら大勝利。