下級生2というエ口ゲを知っているか? 海外の反応

下級生2というエ口ゲを知っているか? 海外の反応





Has a game ever made you so angry that you broke the disc and sent a letter to the developers?

ネプテューヌ VIIを半分に割って、もうやめたと言ったにもかかわらず、また新作を初日に買って文句を言いながらシリーズに付き合い続けているやつを思い出す

Reminds me of a guy that broke his copy of Megadimension Neptunia VII in half and said he was done with the series only to keep on playing the series and buy the games day one despite constantly saying how much he doesn't like the series.



I have a friend who does that too.>Buys FF13 on release >Hates every aspect of it >Goes for 100% completion >Says it's absolute trash, and he's done buying SE games >Buys FF13-2 and FF13-3 on release day, and 100% completes those too


No but one time as a young kid I got Sonic 3d for the PC and I'd been so excited to play it but when I was getting the game out of the box it was a bit jammed and then I accidentally broke it.


I'm afraid this is going to happen every time I try to get a disc out of those shitty fragile PSX jewel cases.

まあ落としたゲームだからディスクを割ることはなかったわけだが、しかしテイルズ オブ ヴェスペリアには腹が立ったからナムコには選び抜いた言葉を送ってやりたい。コンタクトを取る手段はあるだろうか?

Well I didn't have a disc to break because muh piracy, but Tales of Vesperia pissed me enough to want to give Namco some choice words. Is there a way to contact them?


wut happen?


Well, I put 10+ hours in to the game when it dawned on me that insted of a traditional romance between MC and a heroine they trying to feed me some pseudo-yuri bullshit between that princess chick and mad scientist cunt. I know it's autistic but I'm telling it as it is.


name of the game?


会社はこの新作恋愛ゲーの宣伝のために、ゲームの発売前からアニメ展開を発表するなど多額の資金を投じた。また、このゲームの成功を確信していた彼らはライバルのアリスソフトに対抗するために発売日をランス6と同日に設定した(信じられないなら自分で両方の発売日を調べてほしい) しかし、ゲームが発売されると以下のことがプレイヤーに突きつけられた

1. ゲームの顔であり主人公の幼馴染であるメインヒロインの柴門たまき、彼女は金持ちの医大生と付き合っており、プレイヤーが彼女のルートに入ったあとにもまだ交際中であることを主人公に告げる。これは、このシリーズの歴代ヒロインたちが彼氏がいないだけではなく、セ〇クスの知識すらなかったこととは対照的だった

2. プレイヤーは、幼馴染のメインヒロインが彼氏にキスされたり股間をまさぐられたりするのを明らかに楽しんでいる場面を見せられる。それを覗き見する主人公。そして表示される専用CG。街を歩いているときにラブホテルから出てくる彼女の姿を見ることもある。これまでのゲームでもヒロインが他の男とくっ付くことはあったが、それはプレイヤーがその子をスルーしたか、その子の攻略に失敗した場合にのみ発生した失敗イベントだった。上で貼ったCGは彼女の攻略途中で普通に出てくるCGであり、好感度が十分に高くなった状態でのみ発生するイベントだ。つまり、プレイヤーはゲームが始まる前から既に負けているわけだ

Kakyuusei 2 A history: A company named élf made a sequel to their famous dating sim series called Kakyuusei 2 (the precursor to dating sims even before Tokimeki Memorial. Series's pretty huge in Japan. The company themselves used to be a behemoth in the eroge industry, with YU-NO, -saku series, Dragon Knight series, and Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei series under their belt, along with numerous other old VNs.) They spend much on promotional materials to advertise this new dating sim game, with an anime series that comes out before the game. They are so confident that the game will success, that they dare to put the release date of the game the same as Rance VI to rival Alice Soft (Look to the VNDB release date on both games if you don't believe me). But when the game comes out, it revealed to the players that: 1. The face of the game, the childhood friend main heroine Saimon Tamaki, told the MC when asked that she already in relationship with a rich medical student, and still in relationship with said boyfriend when the player enters her route. This is in contrast to all previous main heroines in their previous games of the series that doesn't have any boyfriend or even any knowledge of sex beforehand. 2. The scenes. The player can spot said childhood friend main heroine kissed, an groped on the crotch by said boyfriend while she clearly looks enjoying it. In front of the peeping MC. WITH EXCLUSIVE CG DEDICATED TO THE SCENE. You also can catch her just walks out of a love hotel when exploring the city. In previous games, the heroine can flies off to another guy, but that's failure event if the player doesn't chase said heroine or fail spectacularly trying to get her. Here, it's a normal CG that you can get when trying to get her, and one will only unlock if you have sufficient affection rating to her. So the player basically already 'lost' her before the game starts.

3. 彼女のルートでは、付き合ってる男がいることを知っているにもかかわらず彼女を攻略したいのであればデートに誘う必要がある。後日、彼女の好感度が十分に高くなると、デートのあとに彼氏が現れ彼女を家まで送ることになる。その翌日、彼女と再会した主人公はこのままデートを続けてもいいのかと彼女に尋ねる。大丈夫だよと答える彼女。その後も1~2回、主人公とのデート後に彼氏に連れていかれる彼女だが、最後のデートのあとに、ラブホテルの前で彼氏とケンカしているところを主人公に見られる。彼女は幼馴染である主人公とのデートを続けたがっているようだった。最終的には男のほうが彼女に別れを告げ、主人公と上手くやればいいと言い、自分の車で去っていく。その後、落ち込む彼女を慰めるためにプレイヤーは間に合わせの男となって彼女を応援しなければいけない



3. The heroine's personality and route. During her route, it's necessary that you take her to dates if you want to get despite knowing that she already has a boyfriend. Later on, after her affection rating is high enough, her boyfriend starts taking her home after you date her. The day after that, when you meet her again, the MC asks if it's okay to keep dating her, she assures him it's fine. After being fetched 1 or 2 more times by said boyfriend after you date her, after at the last date, you find her having a quarrel with said boyfriend in front of a love hotel because she keeps dating her childhood friend, before he finally breaks up with her, wishing her happiness with the MC afterwards, and leaves with his car. After that she depressed and you have to cheer her up by being her rebound guy. Later in her first sex scene the MC asks if she has done sex with the boyfriend, she confirms it and asks him to understand because she loved her very much. Nevertheless, all these pissed people very much, which is understandable.



Literally what the FUCK is wrong with any of this? Are girls not allowed to have sex???


If this were just a normal story and not a dating sim that would be fine, but the point of a dating sim is to you know. Date those girls retard.

そうだ。で、女の子に彼氏がいることの何が問題なんだ? ただハードモードになるだけだろう

Yes and what's the problem if she already has a boyfriend ? It's just hard mode.


The outrage is all because the main heroine was marketed like a typical pure virgin heroine. Besides, there are other non virgin heroines, but none is having a boyfriend during the time the game starts though. The previous game literally has a whore heroine in it and nobody gives a shit because she's not the main heroine and her role is played as a victim where player can 'save' her


The only "purified whore" route I've ever enjoyed in a VN was in Crescendo. Because it dealt with what circumstances would lead someone to do that and the sheer emotional damage it would cause to them. That route got real fucking dark, too.>miscarriages >gang rape >attempted suicide


>Crescendo Mein Boomer anon.


It was my first VN and pretty much spoiled a lot of the medium for me. The writing is really good and I really appreciated how they actually had the protagonist be a defined character. I wish more VNs did that. Plus you get to take your virgin teacherfu out on a bar date, dance with her and then deflower her in the car.

Crescendo 〜永遠だと思っていたあの頃〜 DMM DLsite


don't forget when she has sex she screams her boyfriend's name instead of yours



She never did it in game. Her ex's name never revealed in the main game, and only revealed on the -Lovers- fandisc that comes with Elf fan club newletter issue 58 that the boyfriend's name was coming up.(正臣) on the sidenote, the end to this mess is funny :DMM took the IP after the original company went bankrupt, then converted her character to normal pure childhood friend heroine, she's now third most popular heroine in the entire series

柴門たまき(さいもんたまき) - 本編の主人公である織屋浪馬の幼馴染で、彼からは「タマ」と呼ばれている。世話好きで明るい性格をしているので、クラス委員長と浪馬の所属する同好会のマネージャーも務めている。朝起こしに来てくれたり、時折差し入れを持ってきたりご飯を作りに来ている。バレンタインデーにはクラスの男子に義理チョコを配ったりしている。 このようなテンプレの様な幼馴染キャラ設定。パッケージ等では一見するとメインヒロインだが、その展開が当時としてはなかなか斬新であったため、とかく評価の低いキャラクターである from: ピクシブ百科事典


The thing that made this shitstorm worse was the fact she was advertised as the main heroine from merch and even an entire anime dedicated to her being seen as pure while in the actual game she's the definition of cheating whore


As a coomer I have to say I actually prefer NTR eroges. Obviously I don't self insert so it's whatever in terms of the protag cheating or being cheated on. I just like it because in NTR you see the women being absolute sluts which I love. You don't see that kind of stuff in vanilla games. Yes, watching too much porn has damaged my sense of what sex should be like


I don't get why vanillafags constantly seethe about NTR instead of blacklisting the tag. It feels like they're only capable of self-inserting since they always rant about what they'd do if they were the cuckold. You don't see the same people complaining about realism in vanilla stories when a girl spreads her legs simply because the guy was nice to her years ago.


Hes either a pleb or something because even i can tell that any game that is made by elf label has ntr or rape or that type of sick relationships Totally deserved


This was pre-NTR elf where they on top with Kyusei games in the early 2000s and ntr was not mainstream yet



Everyone immediately preaches like a Redditor, saying that the VN community was in the wrong, but if you know even half the story, you'd realize that ELF was truly at fault here. That shit they pulled was inexcusable, and the company deserved its fate afterward, doomed to scraping together a meager existence in the netorare ghetto.

媚肉の香りボクの彼女はガテン系は名作だったし、特に後者は現存するNTRゲーの中でも最高傑作だといえる。たしかに会社が潰れたのは事実だが(下級生2から10年後だったな) しかしそれは業界自体がそういう傾向だったんだと思う。多くの日本人がここ数年のエロゲ業界の衰退傾向について話していた

Which they did excellent at with games like Biniku no Kaori and Boku no Kanojo wa Gatenkei, the latter being THE single greatest NTR game in existence. It's true that they went bankrupt (a decade after kakyuusei2 for that matter) but I see that as more a general industry trend, as many nips have talked about how the eroge industry has been waning these past several years.

ボクの彼女はガテン系 DMM


The problem with subverting expectations is that, 90% of the time, creators take a good but overdone idea, replace it with a crappy and/or poorly executed one, and expect us to like it simply because it subverted expectations.


The real problem with subverting expectations is that it's invariably to deliver a negative conclusion. Subverting expectations isn't a bad thing when it's used in a way to surprise people positively.


Most people just use social media.


what happened here?


The main love interest of the series who is a reincarnated goddess from the past was teased to have an ex lover, and therefor "wasn't a virgin". It didn't turn out to be true though but this one otaku raged over her being "used goods"

かんなぎ騒動 - 漫画『かんなぎ』のヒロイン・ナギが非処女であるとして処女厨が激怒し、ネット上を荒らしたり、ビリビリに破いた単行本を作者の実家に送りつけたりした為に、作者が倒れ連載休止に追い込まれたとされる騒動であるが、結論から言うとデマである。 非処女なんて描写は無いし、実際には破いた単行本なんて送られてないし、作者は全然関係ない病気である from: ピクシブ百科事典



>played the game before knowing about the controversy >managed to somehow miss this bitch because she never appealed to me Guess I really dodged a bullet there. Nana-chan is better anyway

下級生2 【18禁】
- ファンクラブ会報用に制作された、描下ろしイベント&ボイスありのオリジナルAVG が3本付いてくる!!
下級生2 本編
下級生2 アナザーストーリー 【白井夕璃・アイノキセキ】
下級生2 アナザーストーリー 【高遠七瀬・duet(デュエット)】
下級生2 アナザーストーリー 【柴門たまき・lovers(ラバーズ)】