>game has billion types of enemies, each one with his unique skills and strategy


make it stop


Why didn't they just adopt a romance language instead of using ching chong with thousands of characters


So a fuckload of gaijins won't come to their country.

ロマンス諸語(ロマンスしょご) は、インド・ヨーロッパ語族イタリック語派ラテン・ファリスク語群に属する言語のうち、ラテン語の口語である俗ラテン語に起源をもつ言語の総称である。ロマン諸語、ロマンス語、ロマン語とも言う。 また、ラテン・ファリスキ語群のことをロマンス語群、イタリック語派のことをロマンス語派と言うこともある from: Wikipedia
Ching Chang Chong (チン・チャン・チョン) アジア人、特に東アジア人をからかう時に主に使用される。 Ching Chong(チン・チョン)とも。 中国語を知らない一般の西洋人には中国語が「チンチャンチョン」と繰り返し言っているように聞こえることから生まれた言葉。 中国人だけではなく、日本人や韓国人などの東アジア人をからかう時にも使われる from: 英語ネットスラング辞典


How do I do it bros


Hiragana and kata are around 80 idioms, you can learn those in around 5 days, 2 if you iron man it. If you can do that than you can learn 100 kanji easy, and if you can learn those 100 kanji than you can learn another 100 kanji and so on and so on. You also have to take it as a game rather than a chore, or else you ain't going anywhere.


It would be much easy if every kanji wouldn't contain of hundreds of pronounces. I don't mind memorizing kunyomi and onyomi but I can't understand for which situations should I use each of those pronounces.


Don't try to learn all of a kanji's readings out of context, just learn words and you'll pick up on the readings as you go


hiragana and katakana are easy if you're not a lazy fuckhead, and kanji (what you need) can be learned in a few moths if you take it seriously. with that, you can start learning japanese, in japanese. unironically, always be looking/listening/exposing yourself to the japanese language in any moment you can. only difficult part about language learning is actually committing to it


>finally managed to learn all the skills >the game ends


>game ends without you learning any of the cool skills


>easily finish the tutorial >the game is padded so hard it takes at least 3 years to finish a casual playthrough


no matter how many kanji you learn, a few hundred more are born every minute


I can read katakana and hiragana after 5 hours, should I continue


Yes, but not today. You've earned yourself a rest before what comes next.



>3 interchangeable alphabets >100,000 chinese characters >All different inflections of a given word have different spellings >5 levels of politeness with different spelling and grammar for each >No spaces in the writing >Language does not distinguish between singular and plural, relying entirely on context >Language does not distinguish between past, present, future, relying entirely on context >Subject/verbs usually delegated entirely to context How did this language even evolve?

追記:コメント欄よりhiragana、katakana、kanji のことだと教えてもらいました。Thanks!


It's not japs are autists, it's just westerns are retarded.


It's almost like it's they made it as obnoxious as possible on purpose.


Got N1 after six years of studying (I realize people have done it much sooner though, It's cool). Currently work at a Japanese public institution. You can do it anons.

どんなスキルで採用された? どこで申し込んだ? 重度の日本オタクの俺としては、日本で働きたいんだ

What skill did you have that they hired you? Where did you apply? I've pretty much gone full weeaboo and I plan to work in Japan.


You are aware that day-to-day life in Japan isn't like an anime, right?

国際関係の学士号を持ってるから、国際技術協力の分野で働いている。毎年2月から3月に応募し、日本語の試験と面接を受け、履歴書やスキルなどについて尋ねられる。採用された場合は、日本の会計年度が始まる4月1日から働くことになる。 JICA、国際交流基金、日本貿易振興機構などのウェブサイトに行って、あなたの国に事務所があるかどうか確認し、上記の月まで待って応募するといいよ。グッドラック!

I have a B.A. in International Relations and work in the international technical cooperation field. You apply every February-March, usually get put through a Japanese exam plus an interview where they ask about your resume, skills, etc. If you get hired you start on the 1st of April, the start of the Japanese fiscal year. I recommend going into JICA, Japan Foundation, JETRO, etc. websites and check If they have offices in your country, then just wait till the above months to apply. Good luck!


I really want to learn Japanese to play untranslated games and VNs, but I have no self discipline and always lose motivation after a week or two. How do you guys motivate yourselves to keep learning consistently?



I don't need to come up with tactics for motivation because I'm probably one of the few people who is not learning with an end goal. The learning process in itself and the feeling that I'm better today than I was yesterday is something I greatly enjoy. Similarly, if I'm in a period of my life where I don't feel like studying, I just don't. I've gone months without bothering before. These days I'm good enough to play any video game that interests me, including some considered to be heavy hitters like Etrian Odyssey and Utawarerumono. tl;dr fuck goals, just enjoy yourself


>tfw taking part time classes and taking Japanese 101 as my elective how fucked am i i do kinda want to learn japanese so i can help translate forgotten or obscure hentai games/doujins


Depends how good your teacher is and how many people are in your class.

教室で学ぶことの利点は、先生がいい先生なら助けてくれることだ。おれがフランス語の授業をとっていたときの、発音に苦労しても助けてくれない教授みたいなのがついたら大変だろうけど。「ノー、それは間違っています。もう一度やってみて」 って言うだけだったよ

Japanese is usually one of the most difficult languages to learn. The advantage of the classroom is you at least got your professor there to help you out if he or she is a good one. You're kinda fucked if you get a shit professor, like I did when I took a semester of French with a professor who wouldn't help you out if you were struggling with pronouncing something, just say 'no, that's wrong, try again'. You might be forced into pairs as well, and your success is dependent on your partner. Friend in a Spanish course had trouble because he was constantly paired with one of the laziest students in the class. If you got a good professor and you get a good partner for group assignments, you'll be fine. Be sure to do some of your own studying as well, because 101 and 102 courses aren't going to get you far.


>reviews piled up >its my day off, i can do them >entire day ignore them >many many reviews now shes right bros, shes always right


1. 名無しchan
>>3 interchangeable alphabets >>アルファベット3文字 >アルファベット3文字はおそらくTPOとかの略語のことだと思います Here "3 interchangeable alphabets" = hiragana, katakana, kanji.