みんな元気かい? いやもっと正確に言うと、元気にゲームを楽しめているかい?


How are you holding up, lads? Are you still excited or, rather, having fun playing video games? >turning 36 >have 300+ games on Steam >only play the ones I've played in the past >can't into modern games >long cutscenes are annoying >too much dialogue is annoying >just want to play vidya without any bullshit tacked in


Turned 32 yesterday. Only looking forward to 13 Sentinels and SMT V among the upcoming releases. Might give Cyberpunk a chance depending on the first few months of feedback.


>all your vidya friends eventually stop logging because they got wife's/kids


This right here. Even worse is trying to even replaying that game that you and your buddies used to play all the time, but it felt so empty without them. Fuck this feels man.


I can't even play new MP games anymore because I'm just thinking about how much more fun it would be if my friends were still around to play it with me the whole time


I'm 35 and still play video games for hours every day. I'm also a hopeless retard. The few friends I still have contact with don't really play much anymore, but most of them still play a few of the big releases in whatever limited free time they have. I'm having fun with old & new games, but my biggest problem is that I keep bouncing between different shitty online games instead of going through my backlog of games that are actually good. It might be remnants of MMORPG addiction, since that genre killed itself off.



31 year old idort here, overall things are going pretty well I suppose. It's nice being financially stable and being able to afford anything that I want, and if a game sucks I don't mind cutting my losses and moving onto the next thing. I'm able to enjoy a greater variety of things as opposed to having to suck the life out of a game as I did in my teens or early to mid 20s when new games were a luxury. The drawback has been that my twitch reflexes are noticeably degrading to shit and I'm starting to get stomped in PvP shooters whereas I used to be pretty good. I've also noticed that I'm becoming more drawn to games that I can just pick up and play in short spurts, as opposed to cinematic RPGs. I value my time off differently now so time spent in lengthy cutscenes almost seems like time wasted to me. As a result I've found myself playing more and more indies that I can finish in a single weekend as opposed to AAA titles that feel like movies with sequences of action packed in between.


literally me


Outer Wildsをプレイしたんだけど面白かった。小さいころにやったManholeを思い出させた
VRにも子供のように夢中になっているけど、部屋が狭いのと俺がVRをやり始めると娘がJob Simulatorをやりたがるからあまりプレイできない。娘(7歳)がそれをプレイしてるのを見るのは超楽しいけどね

I'm 38. Ghosts of Tsushima is pretty good but I'm getting bored. God of War was great. It is getting harder to invest a lot of time and energy into obscure games. It is immediately engaging or fun or it is dropped. I did play Outer Wilds and that was neat, it reminded me a lot of Manhole which I played as a little kid. I get hyped like a little kid for VR, but I don't play it that much due to small room for it and my daughter always wants to play job simulator whenever I start using it. It is super fun to watch her play that though (she is 7).



>32 years old. >Wasted my 20s being a worthless NEET. >Only now finishing college I feel like my life is just beginning. I have the hugest collection that takes up my whole room. Love anime and games. My biggest regret is that i dont have anyone to share all this fun shit with. My only friend is in the navy and i see him like once a year. I can play newer games just fine, but keep 'wasting time' playing older games again and again.

28で大学に行くことを考えてるんだが、変に見られるだろうか? どうも自意識過剰になってしまっている

im 28 and thinking to go to college, would i get weird looks? im self conscious as fuck about it


No, when i was in college i saw people of all ages. Go do it anon, most people only give a shit about themselves.


37 old fuck here>play only drm free new indie and porn games >cant get into nu-gaming >still play many classic games snes, dreamcast, gamecube >trying to watch others play games because I have not much time >get annoyed as fuck by the most retarded braindead streamers >skip half of the shit twitch vod made by some retarded monkey >write hate comments >get back to working on my own games


I'm 35 and throughout my 20's-25's all I did was work work work. It was dire and I hated every minute of it. I have now been unemployed for 10 years and counting, living off all the 60 hour work weeks I did that nearly killed me in my 20's. I am currently going through all the old games I played when I was younger that I can get a better understanding of now I am older. A lot of older SNES JRPG's. I don't live in America now, but an actual free country.

31。最後に夢中になったゲームはMGS3 サブシスタンスだった。いまの世代では何も楽しめてないけど、友人とのつながりを保つためにCOD WarzonePUBGをプレイしている

31, the last game I really loved was MGS 3 Subsistence, haven't really enjoyed anything this gen but play warzone and pubg with friends sometimes just to keep in touch. Honestly for the past few years I've lost interest in gaming and gotten into cooking, reading, and fitness



>29 >early life was just following around an insane single parent who eventually put me in homelessness and debt >20's was just trying to work off debt and get the equivalent of a high school diploma >currently looking for work so i can move on with life but nobody wants to hire me >Still a kissless, handholdless virgin, but given how utter shit my life situation is i can't imagine scoring with any women, so haven't bothered. Life is stupid, i want off.


>31 yo >have some games installed but never finds the time to play because occupied with gacha and vchuubas


Ah, a fellow sui-chan fag. Based. Old hag lover like OP should hang himself.


Woah what is wrong with Marine, she has based taste


I can't deny I see vtube allure, but damn guys, it's like drinking vodka instead of solving your problems


To me it's just like watching a slice of life anime. Also why I barely watch solo streams but would have no problem watching collabs. It's like having an endless episode of yuru-camp.





35 here and I'm still enjoying video games, new and old. But I play older games far less now. I recently replayed Final Fantasy Tactics and mostly enjoyed it, but its flaws stand out more to me these days than before. And was gonna get into Xenogears again, but didn't. Of the newer games I've been really into lately are Nioh 2 which I think is fucking fantastic. Getting back into Splatoon 2 as well as FFXIV, which has been a wonderful Final Fantasy experience over the past decade. Having said that, I don't really have any games I'm looking forward to and I'm not all that excited for the next-gen, but I'd chalk a lot of that up to just being more patient and not thinking too much about what I will be able to play in the future rather than what I can play now. Also, Watame is my wife, Coco is our neighbor and Kanata is Coco's rape baby she refused to abort.


I hope you get the medical attention you deserve.



>tfw 19 and whole life ahead of me. Its a good feel bros.


if youre on this board at 19 youre fucked already


Life comes at you fast. Feels slow right now, but in a couple of years you'll be catapulted forward to the depression bracket. (30+) I used to think the way you do, but you're in for a hell of a shock.


true you feel like you're 18-21 still then get reminded that you're actually nearing 30 that shit just creeps up on you


I was your age yesterday and thought the same thing. Yesterday is somehow 7 years ago.


I feel that. I'm 26 and I still default to thinking of myself as 22.


>30 >play nothing but Destiny and Paradox games >haven't touched wow since cataclysm >want this fucking pandemic to end so i can stop working from home


若いころの俺は「ゲームをしてるヘンなやつ」 だった。いまの俺は「ヘンなゲームをしてるヘンなおっさん」だ

>Be 31 >Younger co-workers start talking about video games >It's all eSports and Battle Royale shit >They're all consolefags When I was younger, I was the "weird guy who plays video games". Now, I'm the "weird OLD guy who plays WEIRD video games".


>ほかの連中は彼がDoom Eternalのことを言ってると思って、何人かが自分もそれをプレイしたと言った


I feel you bro. Though in this case i'm the young co-worker.>Me and a few of the other new hires start getting to know each other, we bring up games. >Most of the them play Fifa or BR's. I tell them I play a few BR's from time-to-time but am bored with the genre, get a few nods and shit. >Middle-aged guy who has worked here a while overhears us and decides to meet the new hires. >Talks about how he plays older fps's such as the original Doom and Sin while playing some of the newer stuff that is come out the past few years such as Dusk and plays that in his spare time. >Other guys think he's talking about Doom Eternal and a couple say that they've played it. >Older guy then states he meant the original dooms. >Couple of them then say 'My dad used to play that'. >Older guy looks like he just realised his age and then makes an excuse and walks off. He's a cool bro though, makes it pretty easy for us new hires.

27になった。来年修士課程を修了予定。まだ親と同居中で、PS4は1年くらいプレイしてなかった。たまにゼルダの伝説 ブレスオブザワイルドをちょっとやったくらい。今週の金曜日に試験が終わり、半年間家から出ていない。目を疲れさせないために夏休み中はあまりゲームで遊ばないようにと母に言われている(ここ2か月間はPCの前で一日中夜遅くまで勉強していた) おれが自分の誕生日に10ユーロ未満のPSプラス1カ月分を買ってトゥームレイダーをDLしたりオンラインで遊んだりしただけで母は目を丸くしていた。その一方で、彼女は2カ月前に3.5Kの指輪を買ってくれるように父にせがんでいる。自分のポンコツPCや携帯電話の買い替えは拒否している

Turned 27, finishing masters next year, still live with parents, haven't played ps4 for like a year and only touched Zelda botw occasionally. Exams end this Friday, I haven't left the house in 6 months. Mom already calling out how I should spend my summer not playing to not tire my eyes (I spent last 2 months in front of the pc studying all day until late night). She rolls her eyes as I spend less than 10 euros of my birthday cash on a single month on ps plus to download tomb raider and also play online. Meanwhile she nags father to buy a 3.5K ring like 2 months ago. Refuses to replace her shitty buggy laptop and phone too. Yeah fuck you too mom, I can't wait to leave the fucking house and be in peace

>でもSlay The Spireは名作だったこと

>34 >just invested my life's savings into a school in China with a mate >everything sorted, business plan projects we'll be making 200k+ a year by the time we're 30 >school set to open right after Chinese New Year (Feb) >go on celebratory vacation to the Philippines >suddenly global pandemic >school sitting empty while we pay monthly rent >already nearly 100k in debt from rent alone >don't know if we'll even go back >tfw have less money than I've ever had, quarantined in a foreign country, running out of food and hope >Slay The Spire is pretty great though


Damn, bro. Sounds rough. Was it an English school?


It was/is an English centre for after school studies. These Chinese kids are out of the house doing shit for twelve hours a day (8-8).



>turned 30 a few weeks ago >no income since 4 months ago because kung flu and government won't pull its head out of its ass with the quarantines since they're apparently too poor to do anything else >developed a nasty tinnitus >getting fat despite being a skeletonfag my whole life, can feel the fat folds on my waist and my clothes won't fit anymore life sucks right now and I feel like it's just going to get worse from here, videogames and anime are my only escape


I got forced to do cardio everyday by my mother and eventually I started dumbbells every other day. I even got an hour for Battlefront 2 before work. It eventually becomes nice

みんなは俺たちの世代が統計的に今までで最も凹んだ形の世代になると思うか? みんなのレスを読んでると悲しくなってくる。安定した生活を送っているやつでも、それぞれのやり方で苦労に耐えてるようだ


Whether you're 21 or 40 -- do y'all think our generation is going to be statistically the most depressed generation to date? Reading most of y'all is saddening and even those who live a stable life are enduring hardships in their own way too. I fucking hate 2020 with burning passion.



Probably. We live in a world of cratered birth rates, shrinking family sizes, extreme atomisation and alienation, solitary urban life, widespread SSRI use, the gig economy, lack of financial stability, precarity, outsourcing, overpopulation, etc. Doesn't help a lot of us are also saddled with student debt. For millennials (and then likely zoomers etc), suicide at 50 will be as common as home ownership.


nah, imagine how shit and depressing life of 12th century peasant or greek galley slave was, it's all light stuff we are dealing with



>tfw 31 and still a kissless virgin vidya nerd M-maybe I'll get laid before I turn 40.


HI me from the future, don't lose hope.


What have you done with your fearsome wizard powers?


I’m 27 and married and unhappy


I'm 32 divorced and happy. I'm happy yet sad that I didn't have kids. At least I managed to enjoy playing games once again.



>tfw stuck working a shit job to get through college >going to be 30 when I graduate >I'm going to be starting to build up my life at a time when everyone my age has already been achieving their goals for a decade >haven't even fully decided on what the fuck I'm going to do >losing a little more hope every day At least I still have video games, haha....


I'm proud of you Anon. Life isn't about keeping pace with what everyone around you is doing. Keep up the hard work and create your own journey through life.



>Turning 40 >Still can't fucking aim in fps >Still get mad at video games >Gf bullies me when I get mad at video games Basically, nothing changed from when I was a kid

34歳だが、RuneterraMonster Trainといったカードゲーをプレイしてるだけだ


34 year old and all I do is playing card games like Runeterra and Monster Train Fuck modern Vidya, their stupid political bullshit and their complete and utter reliance on a handful of IP that have become so popular Normie gobble it up no matter the quality

Outer Wilds龍が如くRain WorldObra Dinnといったタイトルがゲーム熱を再燃させてくれた。それがなかったらもうゲームをやめていた

30 and playing nothing but AA and indies. Games like Outer Wilds, Yakuza, Rain World, and Obra Dinn reignited my love for vidya. Otherwise, I would have abandoned the hobby.


Last year Fire Emblem Three Houses made me question what the fuck I was doing with my life, then I played Sekiro and beating Isshin felt as good as graduating.


>31 years old >live in terrible small apartment in the ghetto >used to have a tight knit group of internet angry incel friends who i met on the original wizardchan IRC. >all my friends have moved on or left me because i lost my virginity 2 years ago >think about how much fun i used to have talking to them and playing world of tanks.


lol normalfag


Embrace the inevitable end. We will browse these boards until the light fades.




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>>わためは俺の嫁で、ココはご近所さんで、ココがレ〇プされ孕んだが中絶を拒否して産んだ子供がかなただ 朝ココの禁断症状でやばいことになっとるやん
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イベントの長さは意味わからんよな イベントカットDLCとか有ったら絶対買うわ