なんでみんな日本刀(カタナ)が好きなんだ? 海外の反応

なんでみんな日本刀(カタナ)が好きなんだ? 海外の反応




カタナの魅力とは? 非日本製のゲームでさえ見かけるんだが

What is the appeal? even non-Japanese games wank the Katana.


1-sided blades are cool, almost always accompanied by a waist side sheath for cool draw-attacks and stylish sheathing

これだよな。片刃剣 > 両刃剣

this is the only correct answer. single-edged blades > double-edged blades although i prefer sabres and cavalry swords


they are extremely light compared to typical european swords. feels good to wield


Nope, European swords have thicker cross-sections by the hilt that gradually get thinner to the tip. Katanas have the same thickness all the way throughout. They're actually heavier.


I've never held a European sword, but I've held a real katana in a museum. it was kinda heavy. felt good though. they look so cool.


It's both elegant looking weapon, and noticeably different from "default" European swords. In world of popculture, functionality isn't even important if it looks good.


They look beautiful. I do know that the katana is not the perfect sword or anything and has its flaws but damn they look so good. I believe it's a testament to the work and effort put into it that the smiths were able to make something like that despite the material they have to work with


Katana are aesthetically pleasing. They also somehow work in modern settings, when a normal straight sword would look out of place.


what was the best melee weapon ?


like with any type of weapons, depend on situation really. I suppose spear is your best blind choice in realistic battle scenario, because reach and simplicity are always valuable.


The spear, it was called the king of weapons by the ancient chinese for a reason.

槍 > その他近接武器

Spears > any other melee weapon

THE ペン



fists nigga


Landsknecht pikes were pretty good until the invention of the musket.

時代を超えて最も一般して使われてきた近接武器は何だと思う? 中世の戦没者の墓を調べたときに最も多く確認された傷は、どんな武器によるものだったと思う? 剣だ。14~17世紀における近接武器全体の頂点に立っていたのが様々なバリエーションを有する欧州の直剣やレイピアだった


Guess what melee weapon was used most consistently throughout the ages? Guess what melee weapon had inflicted the most confirmed injuries found by excavating medieval battle graves? The fucking sword. With the various version of European straight swords and rapiers of XIV-XVII centuries probably being the pinnacle of the whole class. However, various weapons will pull ahead if you narrow down the situation. Spear, for example, in case of stipulating minimal/nonexistent protection, yet parties being ready for combat, mace in case of stipulating specific sorts of heavy armor, etc.


Wolf Brush


that must be fun to carry around

狼筅(ろうせん) は、中国、朝鮮で使用された長柄武器の一種。形状は、枝葉がついたままの青竹に穂先をつけた槍。明の武将戚継光により、対倭寇戦に考案された武器である。 それまでの対倭寇戦では、日本刀で槍の柄を切り落とされて兵が敗走することが相次いでいた。そこで、しなって切り落としにくく、近づいて切るにも枝葉が邪魔をする狼筅が発案された。急ごしらえの未熟な兵には、枝葉は間合いをはかる役にも立ったという from: Wikipedia


Aesthetics and personality. A katana is just better in terms of fictional settings too because of its aesthetic its cooler then most swords when doing rad shit. Personally besides katanas i prefer blunt weapons like axes and hammers. Straight/long/greatswords just look lame as hell bar personality attached to them like Guts dragonslayer.


Straight swords look fucking dull, and extremely curved swords look fucking gay. Aesthetic-wise, katanas are the middle ground. As for realism, who cares, reality is the saddest unfun shit you can imagine anyway.

実際のところ、どうやって親指に穴をあけたり手に汗をかいたりせずに剣を鞘に納めたらいいんだ? 剣道をやったことはあるが、剣術はまた別のレベルだ。剣を正しく鞘に納める方法を学ぶだけで1年もかかる

martial artist here. How in the actual FUCK do you sheathe these fucking swords without getting sweaty hands on the blade or piercing your thumb? I've taken keno, but kenjutsu is on another level. Takes a fucking year just to learn how to sheathe the damn sword properly.


someone needs to analyze the tapes here and slow it down way more


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I wish there was a game with this animation. It's very cool.


Vergil in DMC3/4/5


I wish you would play more video games. Nioh has it.


why didn't japs use shields


The funny thing is they used to use shields way back when the katana wasn't even invented, but then they mostly stopped using shields. Maybe their military tactics were just different, kinda like how romans used a short gladius when everyone else preferred spears with longer reach. The Japanese probably just fought each other with 2 handed polearms all the time and didn't see the need for shield bearing troops.


they stopped using it around the time they picked up the idea that they horse archers


I just read a discussion earlier and those O-Yoroi Heian/Kamakura-era armor essentially had shields built into them in the form of their huge shoulder pads and illustrations showed them using them to cover themselves from arrow fire. Though later I believe shields simply become less used like how it was in Europe when better full-body armor were developed




They have a mysticism about them from their own culture and an exotic nature to other cultures. A European sword is often paired with a shield and some heavy looking armor while a katana is often just some dude in a bath robe or in armor that looks like it's more to just look bad ass than to actually protect against anything. But more to the point, the katana is a very forgiving sword when it comes to cutting. Yes, there is a clear difference between a practiced master cutting through something and a novice but the big advantage here is that a novice can at least cut through things. With a more traditional European sword this is very hard to do as the design of the blade isn't as forgiving. With a katana once it bites in it will kind of just lead itself through the rest of the cut. This has given the katana the grand mysticism of how sharp it is. So you combine these things: Often wielded by people without armor and without shields. Is thought of as one of the sharpest cut-through-anything sort of blades. The cultural mysticism around the blade itself especially legendary sword makers. The exotic nature leads foreigners to over-emphasize the mystical bullshit into making them basically magical weapons. There ya go.



Literally because they exotic and sexy as fuck and in the 80s there was a surge in interest in Japan when they looked like they were gonna be taking over the world. Nobody will read my comment, just as I did not read the thread, but I am right.


American interest in Japan first boomed around 1977, when Sayoko Yamaguchi became one of the world's top six models. The same year she appeared on the cover of Steely Dan's Aja. That album prominently featured a song mocking a typical LA's yuppie's sudden and shallow interest in all things Asian. But other than being a few years off in your estimation, you're pretty much right.




Japs: Nationalism, due failing to understand how armed warfare worked. Even more nationalism due early 19th century movies focusing on ronin duels. Western, historically: Collecting tsubasa's. Blades are worthless due lack of decoration. Current western: Complete lack of understanding western swordmanship, since the Victorian's memed all over it. And subsequent movie industries treated a lethal iron feather like it was handled like a construction crowbar. So importing the Mifune movie swordmanship is far more acceptable. Also Japan's roaring tiger status in the 80s, and various Asian martial art movies.


カタナ with アラブの冶金 > ほかユーロ製のなんでも

The design and sharpening is actually superior to european swords but they had really poor steel which made them weak. The euro swords sucked but since they had amazing metallurgy thanks to the arab and indian techniques they literally stole made this dumb meme of euro swords being better. katana with arab metallurgy > anything eurocucks can make.




No and no. the Japanese sword held a sharp edge easier because they hardened the steel on the edge to an extreme degree. That hardness has a drawback though, It makes it less durable and more prone to chipping. European blades by contrast had a variety of forging methods, but the one that eventually became standard, is through hardened, that makes it springy and hard to break, but the edge is softer. That's the difference, in a very , very dumbed down version.


God I remember when this gif first hit /v/. The absolute shitstorms it caused.


Katanafags absolutely btfo


This guy is an idiot. Everyone knows you need to say a edgy phrase to temporarily unlock the true power of a Katana before a swing.



You know... this isn't WRONG, but every time I see it I feel that I should point out that the sword being smacked is braced against a table. It has its own weight, and the weight of the table, AND the support of the floor behind it. Of course it's not gonna crack easy.


It takes lifetimes of effort just to become competent with the katana, this gaijin brute forcing it like he would with one of his primitive Western weapons has no idea how to draw out the full power of the katana.




historically the majority of people were peasant farmers now tell me, is a weapon which requires years of training and specialization which fails when used slightly incorrectly superior to a weapon you can give to a retarded peasant to cut down your enemies? if its more difficult to use without a significant difference in outcome its a shitty weapon


There is precedent for something like that, England could only field it's large amount of longbowmen because it encouraged people to train with it. Though you are completely right, there is a reason most peasant levies used spears as their primary weapon.

おまえらどんだけこれに釣られてんだよ? この男は明らかにカタナの振り方のトレーニングを受けていない

how can people still fall for this bait? the guy is obviously not trained to properly wield a katana


it's not even bait. It's obligatory response to "katana can slice steel" claim, ironic or not. All these replies is nothing more than predictable butthurt of triggered weebs


This looks like shit. Buy a gun, fag


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1. 名無しchan
>あとほぼ必ず腰にある鞘によるクールな抜刀とスタイリッシュな納刀 洋の東西を問わず、剣は大昔から左の腰に下げる物だぞ。 シンドバット、パイレーツカリビアン、 西洋騎士、ギリシャ神話、フェンシング。 どれも腰に差す。 むしろ日本の剣術は、手に持ったり、従者(太刀持ち)に持たせる。 あ、抜きながら切り付ける様式はそんなに多くはないけど
2. 名無しchan
日本が盾を使わない理由か? まず、盾を左手に持つと、剣は右手だけで持つ事になる。 日本刀は軽いが、西洋剣は重過ぎるから、 「抜き打ち」のように、「右手で持って、左から右へと切る」 事には向いてない。 そもそも西洋剣は、重さを使って、上から振り下ろすのに向いてる。 これを、バッとみたいに横に振ると、そもそも、 「剣先が下がらないように支える事」に腕力を使ってしまう。 ナタは、上から振り下ろす物であって、横には振らないだろ? 日本刀は軽いので、両手で持つと、上下左右、 上だけじゃなく、下から振り上げる時も、しっかり威力が出る。 両手持ちだから当然だ。だから左手に盾は持てない。 「右に日本刀、左に盾」だと、上か右から振り下ろす技しか使えない。
西洋剣が重くて日本刀が軽いというのは実は単なる思い込みに過ぎない 実際にはあまり変わらずむしろ刀の方が重い場合もある
>西洋剣が重くて日本刀が軽いというのは実は単なる思い込みに過ぎない実際にはあまり変わらずむしろ刀の方が重い場合もある アホか。 ここに「重量」を「数字」で書け、アホ
どっちだろうと、あのサイズの鉄の棒の重さなんだけどw それに日本刀だって実際は鎧の上からぶっ叩いて肉や骨を砕くってやり方だけど
幕末頃に恐れられた薩摩の示現流 練習は重たい木の棒でただ思いっきりぶっ叩く 刀を持っても初太刀を理屈抜きで力一杯振り抜く ドラマや映画の世界にひたってせいぜい妄想頑張ってね
3. 名無しchan
4. 名無しchan
信長は尾張兵がクソ弱かったから長槍と銃による集団戦術を取り入れようと思ったわけで 「チェストー!」でおなじみ天下無敵の薩摩領主だったら違ってたかもしれない
5. 名無しchan
カッコイイから おわり
6. 名無しchan
7. 名無しchan
見た目が良い 和服でも制服でもセーラーとも合わせられる