アニメの「お約束」で嫌いな台詞や展開ってある? 海外アニメファンの反応

アニメの「お約束」で嫌いな台詞や展開ってある? 海外アニメファンの反応





For me > Mc is underdog/loser but have holy secret bloodline of blah blah blah


Yeah, fake underdogs are pretty shite.


If they say he's special early it's fine. It's shit like O MY DEMON BLOODLINE in YYH that are terrible.


>If you kill him you would be as bad as him


This is most ilogical philosophy ever seen in manga / anime


>MC has no problem killing a bunch of grunts or main-minions within the bad guy's inner circle. >For some reason killing the man himself is a moral dilemma.


They're legitimately right. Killing the bad guy betrays a lack of self-control, and absolute weakness. FMA handled this perfectly with Roy and Envy. Anyone who hates this trope doesn't have what it takes to be a true man.


Killing a mass murdering psychopath who WILL continue killing is only a net gain. Envy directly caused a decimation of the Ishvalan race and is proud of it.


What's a good way to deconstruct this? once the character say these words, MC kills the bad guy anyways walk towards the character and reply back "Answer me, am I know a killer/rapist/human trafficker/ETC?"


I'd watch this, ТВН


I was thinking about the same exact thing the other day. It would be a very kino momment


Ask the person saying they'll be just as bad as the bad guy what gives them the right to gamble other people's lives on whether the bad guy will stop killing.


It could work like this:>MC spares villain after a side-character does the "please don't kill" speech >The villain runs away, but is killed by a mook he mistreated, or his boss who thinks he failed him


That happens all the time and is actually the shittiest way to handle things because the lesson is that evil will take care of itself and good guys should just leave them alone.


>Tournament Arc


They are literally always great.


A tournament arc is only as great as the characters in it. That's why the tournament of power was such a disappointment for the most part.

>ケンイチ トーナメント編
>幽遊白書 トーナメント編
>ドラゴンボール トーナメント編
>ネギま トーナメント編
>ワンパンマン トーナメント編

>Kenichi tournament arc >Yu yu hakusho tournament arc >Dragon ball tournament arc >Negima tournament arc >One punch man tournament arc


Nothing wrong with those per se


Examples of good Tournament arc?



Dark Tournament Heaven's arena Tenkaichi Budokai (all three of them) Chunin Exam Minus Arc Shaman King often times they are the best parts of the battle shounen



>be bad guy >doing bad guy shit >irredeemable piece of shit >oh here's backstory. please feel bad about him. fuck you, don't pussy out and pretend he's a tragic character.


It's my biggest problem with KnY.


KnY uses this as a crutch so hard but it's popular so obviously people love eating that tearjerker shit.


he is tragic but still a piece of shit tho


ever since his backstory got exposed, they paint him as good guy by all characters.


well many people think hes a "good guy" because he had no choice and was forced to do many of the fucked up shit he has done i mean the guy literally killed his entire clan and his girlfriend for the sake of the village and peace making him probably the most selfless guy so i can see why he is portrayed as the good guy you know


Did anybody mention the one where an evil character gets redeemed and joins the good guys?


No, this is a bad tropes thread.


that's great tho


But that's great, a lot of the best characters in Jump manga are the redeemed villain allies.


personally i think is bad when the character gets away with everything they ever done no matter how fucked it was. also zuko is the only example of this trope done right.


I really dislike when a female character personality can be just summarized with archetypes such as "Tsundere","Kuudere",,"Yandere","Himedere","Genki", etc. It's such a lazy way to replace proper characterization with easy labelling, it's also makes them look so robotic in my eyes


Japan modularized cuteness


Welcome to anime 101


the problem is not that they can fall under those tropes, the problem is that they don't progress and develop


This, it's annoying when that archetype is their only trait and only act based on it


>Beach episode >Onsen episode >Summer festival episode >School festival episode >School trip episode >Vacation episode >Christmas episode >New Year festival episode >Hanami episode >Tournament arc >Rescue arc >War arc >Training arc


so nothing


But what about the genderbender episode?


As a chronic prude I must admit those are always, without exception, god-tier.


The problem is not that these exist but that they happen inorganically and often times it's like they're just going through a checklist.


>"we have to win this year's championship or the sport club will be shut down!" >protag somehow goes from never playing that sport before to becoming the national champion in the same year


sakuragi was kino, during the entire story he was a mediocre player that just learned to play, even after doing the one thousands shots training he still continue falling a lot.


Sakuragi really was a genius, but Shohoku also lucked into Rukawa and Mitsui+Miyagi coming back at the right time


>MC's parents are either dead or abusive in some way because apparently healthy parent/child dynamics don't make good protagonists


>romcom >male protag shows girl basic human decency (ie - asking her whats wrong when she's crying) >girl: "I love you because you're so nice to me."


You really have to worry just how mentally damaged these girls are if one minute act of decency affects them so much.


does Rem from Rezero fit this trope?


Subaru fits this trope




fucking stomach growling. i HATE that sound. and they make it so incredibly loud. yet every damn anime does it.>are you hungry >no >*GRRRRRRRWWWWWOOWOWWAALAAAWHWWWWLLLLLLLLLLL* >.... >lets go get something to eat why do they make it so LOUD




"Harem" anime that never intend to go for harem end


Irredeemable fucking trash.


>former rival joins MC's group of friends but still acts as if he hates MC because he wants to look cool


なぜ人々は慈悲という考えをそんなに嫌うのだろうか? 誰かに情けをかけることがそんなに耐え難いことか?

>If you kill him you would be as bad as him There's nothing wrong with this. It's a widely held belief. This is why the death penalty has been outlawed in so many places. It a belief I personally hold. And yet, when a main character DOES kill the villain, you don't see me (or anyone else) whining about it in these threads, even though I disagree with what he did. Why do you people hate the idea of mercy so much? What is it about sparing a life that you find so unbearable?


It's fucking gay and never applies in the context of the series itself. If the manga wanted to create a world where it did make sense, then go for it. But that isn't what they do. For example, the reason people complain about Batman letting villains murder thousands to maintain his own principle of not putting villains to justice is because in his world the prison can't hold them and nobody in government will fix that. In our world, putting them in prison and letting them die there would work and there wouldn't be a giant hypocrisy in not killing them.


The death penalty is outlawed because the justice system is imperfect and you could be killing a falsely convicted man.


>MC only cares about food and fighting Fuck shounen


>MC is either a massive joke pervert or asexual retard MC with a healthy sex drive when?


Chainsaw Man. The MC is perverted but in a way that's fairly realistic for a 16 year old. He also has relevant character growth; over time he went from a simple desire to grab tits, to interest in romance and having a real gf relationship (but also he still really likes tits)



>MC is an irredeemable loser >bitches love him anyways “because he’s nice” >Every character is basically the same archetypal character we’ve already seen a million times >everything is always in a highschool >shitty nonsensical drama I hate otaku. They ruin any shred of artistic integrity still left in this godforsaken industry.


>>everything is always in a highschool I fucking hate this


To Love Ru fags defend this shit, just because according to them, you're not supposed to take it seriously.


even worse after 10 years of nothing the series they want more


what i hate form that the most is that to make work the "he is nice" every other guy has to be earth shatering stupid or a scumbag


>it's a lolicon anime/manga full of little girl fanservice but the main character ends up with a girl close to his age instead who's some kind of a childhood friend


>/ss/ manga >goes with girl his age >loli manga >goes with girl his age >manga where MC already has a love interest at the start >MC goes with mysterious transfer student


>Story is about how with hard work and effort you can make it even if you're inexperienced in something >MC gets seven brand new powers out of absolutely nowhere with "foreshadowing" and utterly destroys the theming of the manga.


Every time. Every time there's some 'powerless' MC who's going to get by with hard work, he'll get at least one unique, brand new power out of nowhere by the end of the first storyline.


it still takes hard work and effort to learn to control some completely new powers though


Yeah but it doesn't stop it from being an awful inclusion that's just going to be used as a free "Get out of Jail Free" card for the MC whenever he gets into trouble.


>MC is bad for genociding group x to defend his own people from genocide


Forgot pic


I have read almost all the opinions and my only conclusion is that you don't like anything anymore


Honestly the manga should have either ended with that panel or have the rest of the chapters be the aftermath of the rumbling.


>The Teacher is a old hag and a drunk >25


That's really young for a man but yeah for a woman is basically middle age.




>community sample of normal men fucking DOUBT


1. 名無しchan
2. 名無しchan
人はどんどん齢を取って行く、という事は、毎年新たにアニメを見始める者も出て来る。 アニメイベントは、プリキュアが毎年新たに放送されるのと同じ事だと思う。
3. 名無しchan
4. 名無しchan
5. 名無しchan
「優しく(人として普通の対応)されたからあなたを好きになったの」 ってまんま喪男の心の動きなんだよな… 自分が女にそうされると好きになっちゃうから
6. 名無しchan
俺的に武闘大会はストーリー作るの面倒になって逃げてるだけだと思うのだが キン肉マンも男塾も最初は普通に多様なストーリーあったのに一度始めたらそれしかやらなくなった
7. 名無しchan
ハーレムラブコメなのに最終的に一人の相手としか結ばれないお約束展開かな 目の前に美味そうなオカズ並べられてんのに一つしか食べちゃダメですとかさ・・・道徳教育されるために娯楽作品を観てるわけじゃないんですよねぇ
確かに言われてみれば。自分もハーレムのままがいい。 でもまあ、一人に選ばないという大前提、ルールがあるからこそ物語に起伏が生まれるんだと思う。 天地無用と言ったら例えが古いけど(あかほり系統)、ラブコメじゃない作品なら最後までハーレムのままというのも多そうだけど、最近は減ったかな? 工口なんかは理性に縛られず最初から一人に選ぶ必要ないし、そっちを見ろと言われてしまうかもしれない。
8. 名無しchan
エロやファンサービスあってもいい。 ただし、ストーリー展開やキャラ付けに必要不可欠なエロならな。なんの脈絡も意味もなく、単なるキモヲタホイホイなファンサービスは大嫌い。 なんか「エロ出せば食いつくやろ」って製作者側に舐められてるような気になる。