コロナで引きこもる俺に時間泥棒なゲーム教えて 海外の反応

コロナで引きこもる俺に時間泥棒なゲーム教えて 海外の反応






COVID-19 has my job shut down and sitting around at home for the next couple weeks. Help me out with some good time sink recommendations lads. I'm looking for horror games and RPGs, but will take whatever you got. Currently slogging through DQXI and Daemon X Machina. Pic unrelated.


what was your job?


On-site IT at a big pharma company. Working remotely, but seeing as how everyone else is too, I have very little to do.


if you got the chance try Darkest dungeon, seems like the perfect time waster with some RPG


I've played this, but thanks for reminding me, since I never beat it. Will definitely play re-download it.


Learn a fighting game


Not a bad idea. Played around with Granblue and Spawn in MK11. May go back.


Games are a waste of time in this instance. Take this time to learn new applicable skills. The economy will be ruined for a good while so now's the time to strengthen yourself.

いいと思うけど、おすすめは何のスキル? 俺はIT畑の人間だが

I think I'm good, but what skills do you recommend? I'm an IT guy.


Well there's always programming, languages and calisthenics. Anything actually beneficial and possibly applicable to other jobs will do. The main point here is just playing games in isolation will erode you over time.


You aren't wrong, but I think a couple of weeks won't hurt. But yeah, I think I should try to start a language course or something.



Play Monster Hunter. I'm not kidding, MH is a godlike time sink. If it's not for you then that's unfortunate, but it's a blast. I'm taking a break from it currently while I'm waiting for DOOM and I'll come back to it in a month or two.

真女神転生を始めるときが来たようだな。4ストレンジジャーニー3 ノクターンから始めることをお勧めする

Good time to get into Shin Megami Tensei. I'd recommend starting with IV or Strange Journey or Nocturne


Persona 5 is incredible, if you lack a ps4 strong recommend persona 4 on a ps2 emulator. They're the best JRPGS ever made and incredibly long/life consuming. Perfect quarantine kino.


I recommend wasting the entirety of your free time with the Atelier series.

ライザのアトリエ 〜常闇の女王と秘密の隠れ家〜 DMM


Lucky bastard, enjoy your paid vacation bro. I've just been sent to work from home like all the other white collars. Always plenty to do, but twice as hard to muster the motivation from home - really just want to get fucked up and game...


I'm playing Final Fantasy 12 for the first time and it's been a pretty neat timesink, I'm really enjoying the characters and setting. Combat is super comfy, you tell your characters what to do in certain situations like "cast cure when any party member falls below 60% hp" so if you're smart enough with setting the shit up, you can fully automate many of the fights. I've never played an RPG with these types of mechanics, it's been a refreshing experience so far and I'm only about 20 hours into it.

FF12は最高すぎた。俺も長年のファンだし、気に入ってくれた人がいてうれしい。何のハードでやってる? ガンビットが気に入ったならドラゴンエイジバルダーズゲートおすすめ

FF12 is fucking excellent. Glad you're enjoying it, I've been a longtime fan. What are you playing it on? Also try the first dragon age or Baldur's gate if the gambits are cool to you.

兄弟とチームファイトタクティクスを楽しんだり、FO New Vegasを最初からプレイしたり、やっとsekiroE.Y.E: Divine Cybermancyに手を付けたりする予定

I'm just comfyplaying Teamfight Tactics with my bros, going through another playthrough of New Vegas, gonna finally play sekiro and eye divine cybermancy Other than that I'm working out, drinking cider and reading /comfy/ Thank god I have a dog so I can go out without being fined by the cops.

罰金取られる? なぜ?

you guys are getting fined? but why?



I'm in Spain, Canary Islands to be exact. 500-2000 euros of a fine if you go to the street. We need to carry IDs, because they show where we live. There's cops everywhere, and if I go out>I need to be walking the dog >demonstrate my ID with house address and show I'm going to the closest shop from my house >I'm walking to the car Even if I'm just walking to the car, there's police stopping those as well. The only things that allow me to go around in a car are>going to supermarket >going hospital/pharmacy >visiting an elderly relative >going to work in the last case, I also need to demonstrate my job contract to the cop.

なんとね。スペインではウイルスはそんなのに酷いのか? それともそうなるのを防ぐためにやってるのか?

jesus, is the virus really that bad in Spain or is it just to prevent it from going apeshit?


We have a lot of old people we pretend we want to keep alive so they're making us stay inside for them.


~15,000 cases rn. The biggest problem is tourists. Also there was a massive carnival on which loads of people got infected. It's pretty bad, but also >>499782606 is right.


Germany here. Wondering if we're getting curfew soon. My company is prepared to go full home office, some people are already doing it. We have enough money for 6 months but can stretch it to 14 months if we reduce people's hours and get some help form the government. I'd actually prefer if the country went full lockdown for a month. This Corona thing is pretty fucking scary and I'd rather suffer some short term economic issues than a year long plague. Also I haven't had a free day in ages and my backlog is enormous.


Also germany here. they cancelled my neet bucks, I am running out of money in a month and I cant fucking find a job now. This is the end.

テレビで働いてるんだが、いまはもう完全に燃え尽きている。やれやれだよ。いますぐプレイする気になれるゲームはGTA Vice Cityくらいだな

I work in TV and I'm completely fucking burnt out right now. Fucking joy has been sucked out of me, and about the only videogame I can play right now without stopping immediately is Vice City. I hope everyone's doing well.


>completely fucking burnt out right now that from the daily grind or is the virus making you work overtime mate?


It's both, early shifts and late hours, but also since it's national news, I don't ever get a break from everything related to the topic. It's all I hear and it's all anyone talks about to the point where simple distraction isn't cutting it anymore. Beyond that I also work in a retirement community in their TV station and that place is all hands on deck to do whatever you can to keep these people satisfied, which if you've ever worked with the elderly is damn near impossible sometimes cause nothing is ever good enough. So instead of doing what I do and can do (of which our leadership is throwing more responsibility at) I'm also being given mandatory shifts to act as a concierge individually delivering packages and shit all day cause Amazon isn't allowed in the buildings. It's just a lot and I'm tired my man. I'm lucky I'm able to work right now and situationally where I'm at, but it's just a lot. I don't know how I'll keep up with it all without a full on break down if this does go until May.


>tfw got a cold during all this stupid virus panic People at work keeping their distance from me. Everyone is scared shitless but don't even know the symptoms of what they're scared of. I would be coughing all over the place if I had the Dos Equis virus, not sneezing and blowing my nose.


>I would be coughing all over Not everyone does, you retard. That's how this shit spread so far and wide. People assuming they're not sick.


I had my longest cold ever this Winter for a solid 2 months, shit was awful You might want to get a mask just to appear polite


>Have to go out and get food and other supplies >Used to always buy hand wash but can't even find one now The shops here should have been putting a god damned limit on shit as soon as they could. Once this shit finishes people need to remember that China is entirely to fucking blame for this shit and should be fucking held responsible for it. This is bad enough but in the future something worse could end up coming.


>work at grocery store for barely over minimum wage >store getting swarmed by hundreds of sheeple per day because every other store got picked over by the hoarders >store not only isn't closing but because of how busy it is but I have to work overtime >being exposed to so many people means im pretty much guaranteed to get sick >live with family members that are sick with other stuff so me getting it has a chance of killing them >cant quit my job because not only do I have bills to pay but most stuff is going to be closed so I can't really get hired by anything else god what a fucking shitshow this whole thing is


I feel for you dude, for real.


>tfw you work for a healthcare distributor so no time off >actually busier than ever


I'm pretty sure I have it. No cough or other respiratory issues but I've been feeling aches over my whole body the last couple days, the kind of aches that always accompany fever. Last night I felt slightly feverish. I work at a hospital that has at least 2 confirmed cases, and part of my job is to handle bags of soiled linen.


I gotta warn you to not go back in as my civic duty, but I don't know your circumstances.


Yeah man, that's the choice i'm struggling with now. Yeah I feel under the weather, but it's really not that bad and I'm not scared of dying or anything, but I feel like it's morally incumbent on me to stay home and see my infection stays with me. Plus the money isn't really an issue. On the other hand the hospital needs all hands more than ever. And OF COURSE my fucking harddrive died yesterday and I can't even play games. Got nothing to do at home.


Late response, but that's rough dude. My heart goes out. Hoping you don't get it/don't get it.

この騒ぎの中でどうやったら前向きになれるんだよ? みんなが世界の終わりだとか言ってるし、俺の州は厳重に封鎖されてるし

How do I stay positive during this shit? People keep telling me it’s the end of the world and my state is on lockdown big time. Even my local arcade shut down today.


It's not end of the world but it's still bad, also had massive impact on the economy. Keep yourself occupied with watching, reading or playing shit.


I just hunker down and consume product until they give us the all clear


how much longer is this shit gonna last


Most of April at the very least. Numbers keep rising. Will probably rise more with more easily accessible testing. And then they will panic more.


In two weeks, we’re projected to hit the peak for most countries. Then things slowly deescalate. This is of course assuming that China, Japan and Korea’s numbers are accurate.


I 100% believe China has been full of shit with it's numbers.


>Get two weeks of paid sick leave if I show symptoms, don't even need evidence >Still feel obligated to come in So that's it then i'm a full blown domesticated wagie huh


>kike boss desperately trying to find reasons to defy county's order to close. LET ME LEAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


>i'm out of a job >mom's out of a job >father's out of a job >sister's out of a job >brother-in-law is out of a job epic


recommend me some good eroge game to fap all day during Corona Lockdown, already played Sengoku Rance, Evenicle and Rance VI




>work in hospital >got sent home cause I treated a patient that later started showing symptoms and tested positive >have to fucking stay home and have to e-mail infection control doctors my temperature every day Vidya time is nice but I'd rather be back in action, you know? Living like a NEET is sapping my enjoyment of video games.


>sore throat started a couple days ago >dry cough started today >still forced to go to work i-i'm gonna make it, right


bruh i always have a cold around this time due to weather change and I coughed once, and they sent my ass home and told me to either get a test (lmfao) or come back in 14 days. I'm still getting paid. IFyour boss doesn't send you home, call your state and tell them your boss is being a dickhead.


Cough near everything and everyone. If they don't send you home then at least you're sharing your suffering.


My company just let all of us go period. And of course no one is available for me to get new work from. I am FUCKED.


>mfw got full time at my job about 6 months ago and just started to get used to it >work in casino industry and governor of our state just declared 30 days all gaming is shut down >mfw 30 days unemployment as I go back to the neet life >stock market crash means we can finally buy a ton of shit when its low Based, redpilled, I'm excited as fuck. I'm just glad I already got toilet paper.


I know nothing about stocks so I guess I'm missing out on this.


It's still a risk. For example, myself and most people I know basically just lost 50% of our life savings because our stocks went down in value when the market crashed. BUT I'm in my twenties, so I'm not worried. You don't actually "lose" money until you sell your stock- don't panic sell and you have decades to let the market build back up. Mostly I'm excited because my dividend stocks are going to be reinvesting when the cost are low, essentially means I'm getting more back for my investment every month, as the dividends haven't dropped yet. In short, a stock that gives you 10 cents per share per month that costs 10 dollars before the crash now only costs 5 dollars, but still gives 10 cents a share. Essentially doubling the reinvestment rate. This is a shitty explanation.


We entered a bear market, average lasts 80 something days. I'm predicting a low in May or June. Study up now and get into it this time around, it's the cheapest this overinflated market will be to buy into for a long time-pretty much ideal if you're in your 20s.

誰か、俺がDoom Eternalを買えるようにお金を送ってくれ。10ドルしかないんだよ

>get laid off due to the virus >spent all the money on prepping >have almost no vidya to play Can someone just send me PSN bucks so I can get Doom Eternal? I only got 10 bucks

現金給付法案が上院を通過した! あとはトランプがサインするだけ!! なんかのゲーム買うのが待ちきれない!!!!



corona-chan 私を楽にして

>tfw grocery store wagecuck corona-chan take me away


Your death will be so the rest of us can live.


What time of the day does grocery stores have the least customers?


Around 3-6pm. My store's been getting shipments around 5pm too lately for shit like toliet paper. Before noon is usually the worst time to go.

コロナちゃん - 新型コロナウイルスを萌え擬人化したキャラクター。KnowYourMemeによると、2020年1月17日にアメリカの掲示板4chanの/pol/板で最初に名前が言及された。1月21日に/pol/住民が自作のイラストと共にコロナちゃんスレッドを立て、300件以上のレスが投稿された。それ以来4chan内外に様々なコロナちゃんイラストが投稿されるネットミームとなっている。 ある意味、人類はたくましい from: ピクシブ百科事典


>About to finish my training as an orderly >Get hard thinking about how I'm gonna work during an epidemic one in a lifetime chance ! >ANON ITS AN EPIDEMIC GO HOME MAN SCHOOLS OVER I feel genuine disappointment I wanted to work hard take care of people


I got a phone call last night and got laid off without any warning. Shit's fuck


Can they do that legally


Depends on the state


If it's for the duration of the crisis, probably. If it's permanent, call a lawyer


Well, it happened. Just got the call I've been laid off due to Corona. Give me some games to play so that I don't end myself /v/. Switch/Xbone/PC are what I have, weebshit preferred.


valkyrie chronicles 4, it's weeb enough to keep you busy


first is better. I recommend that instead. or even 3.


Where did you work?


Restaurant as a Dishwasher/Cook/Prepper. They had to lay off all the Dishies, myself included - there were 4 of us. Shits fucked dude, take me back to when Corona was just a meme where you protected anime girls by putting them in a hazmat suit.


> city just announced they’re closing just about everything in “in till the end of the month” They’re bullshitting us and are going to extend it aren’t they?


I think shit's gonna be out until at least August but they don't people to panic even more.


Depends on if we can stamp down the infection rate. Think about the big aftershocks because people wouldn't stop being retarded on St Patrick's Day and shit and then states had to forcibly shut down bars. We're going to know how bad things are really gonna get in about two weeks. This isn't like flu, corona is a lot hardier and can survive outside of the body and on surfaces longer and in warmer temperatures(while flu is restricted to the cold, e.g. flu season). That's why summer events are being cancelled.

本当に動揺し始めている。ネタじゃなくて、自分の人生で最も恐ろしいことだと感じている(軽度の対人系障害もあるし)巷には多くの間違った情報があふれている。誰か、マジレスで本当のところを教えてほしい。我々は今どうなっているんだ? クレカの支払いをする前に、今月と来月分のお金は十分あるのかどうかを心配するべきなのか? 食料は大丈夫なのか? 自分は若いほうだけど、健康保険に加入する余裕はないが駄目なのか? 祖父母に電話してお別れを告げるべきなのか? 本当にわからない。最初は笑ってたけど、今はパニックになってきている

I'm starting to get really upset guys. It's gay to say, but this is the scariest thing to happen in my life (and I have BPD which is not helping). There's so much misinformation out there. Someone please just give it to me straight, no shitposting, how fucked are we? Should I start worrying that I only have enough to pay this and next months bills before I need to start charging up my credit card? Are we gonna run out of food? I'm young but I can't afford health insurance, am I fucked? Should I be calling my grandparents and saying goodbyes? I'm losing it bros. It was fun at first but now I'm feeling the panic start to set in.


easy there my dude,everything will be fine, all this measures are to avoid the real scary shit to happen in the first place, and most countries are planning to hand out some bucks to help people who can't go to work


It's not the end of the world. Relax a bit, anon. I've been saying this for weeks now, don't downplay the situation, but don't panic either. Most people don't get any symptoms, so most of them will be fine. Maybe the hot weather will stop the virus from spreading too fast. Australia doesn't have that many cases and most of them are from tourists. Though, of course they might not be doing enough tests, but you never know. Just tell your grandparents not to go outside too often and to order their food online if possible. The infection rate should theoretically be stabilizing in the next couple of months, but to keep it that way they'll need very strict surveillance measures so we'll see how it goes.


This will likely be a severe recession, but the economy may be able to bounce back fast depending mostly on government responses. You should try to get an adequate and stable income now. Food will be available everywhere: supply chains will probably adjust to restaurant closings, but the empty shelves at grocery stores now are due to hoarding (people are supposed to have supplies ready for a 14-day quarantine if they get sick, and there are some dumb apocalypse larpers). You probably won't need to be treated for the virus; you'll probably just get a cough for a while. Or you might be asymptomatic, or you might go the whole season without getting the virus at all because of herd immunity. Months after the epidemic passes, the new vaccine will likely be free or very cheap even to the uninsured, since it's in the public's interest that everyone is immune. The important thing is to stay safe so that you don't need to be hospitalized for any reason in the next few months, because there will be no hospital beds left. Your grandparents will more likely survive than not, but they may die, especially if they don't perfectly isolate themselves. The elderly should ideally just stay inside and get groceries delivered for the next four months or so.

こんな事態にも関わらず、おれの日本での夏学期はまだキャンセルされていない(4月から始まる) これがこの国のことを知るための一番いい機会なのか、それとも最悪な機会なのかはわからない

Somehow despite all this my summer semester in Japan still hasn't been canceled (starts in April). I can't tell whether this would be the best time to see the country or perhaps the worst ever.


>work at an architect studio >no new clients all week >half of the current projects' clients are not responding >boss says we have a month at best Yeah, we're fucked.


>tfw might lose my job soon >tfw stocked up on stuff 2 months ago >got tons of booze and liquor >tfw I'll have way more free time >tfw I can get comfy as fuck, playing vidya, and writing porn for threads on /trash/. Lads, this is peak comfy.




This. Or any Trauma Center games really.


Very jealous of your lime green DS Lite