>playing Japanese games in English


>playing English games in Japanese


>playing japanese games


>game defaults to japanese voices, outright tells you that's how it's meant to be experienced >"""people""" switch to the dub anyway


>playing Finnish games in English


>Kanji Not even once


it's not THAT hard. Once you learn the ones kindergartners use, the rest come slightly easier (since you should also be reading simple books/comics while learning)


I'm learning but it's hard for an unmotivated brainlet like me


Watching some vtubers play something like gtav you can see just how much english meaning is lost between translations. No doubt its the same in reverse.


it is the same in reverse. 2ch anons shit on JOPs and laugh at people trying to play western games in japanese.


>Play Japanese games >english and japanese language versions created side by side >english dub overseen by main director >created with a western audience in mind >still play the japanese version


Tell me one game


Any Hideo Kojima game




Many games have bad translations, but many have good ones as well. Nowadays i much rather play dubbed games as well, but that's just me, for most of my life i used subbed and thought myself an enlightened individual or some bullshit akin to that, but good dubs can really change you perspective, i really liked the cold steel dub i'll say that much (til 3 that is. [randy's voice is utter trash there]).


>he plays Resident Evil in Japanese


how can you say this shit while using a haman gif


RE is one of the few Japanese games I play in English. Tried playing in Japanese and it was clearly not made that way, you could tell the Japanese was integrated after as a TL of the English. Especially voice-wise. When it's a dub and not original voices, you can tell.


>start playing dmc5 >shit's tight and the guys sound alright >then the hillbilly lady opens her mouth >changes voices from english to japanese


>watching JoJo subbed >Polnareff meets Hol Horse >Hol Horse, visually, most closely, depicts an American Cowboy >sub has good use of "yer, ya'll, fixin, varmit etc" >"My stand is a shooter" >"You mean like in marbles?" Good joke Watch a different sub same scene >Hol speaks dictionary proper english >"My stand is a shooter" >"More like a pea-shooter" It completely changed the tone of the encounter.


Been playing Sakura Wars 1 lately, and man this game is so ahead of it's time. Based translators.


>not understanding a single word of japanese >insist on JAP VO be included in games and if available, choose them every single time Any thoughts on this behaviour?


>in japan being VA is enough to make living >in west it isn't Now, why would this be, and what it implies?


>insist on JAP VO be included in games and if available, choose them every single time If it's a en release of a nip game then that's perfectly reasonable. If people are playing japanese versions of english releases that's just autistic. Dubs bad applies to all dubs, not just en over jp dubs.


Depends on director and voice actors though. Thinking that dub is bad by default is brainlet tier. But it is clear that west doesn't give much fuck about quality.


I'm at that uncomfortable stage where I need to be doing a lot of reading to make any skill gains but also where my japanese isn't quite good enough for me to understand everything and I'll miss out on a lot of the plot if I try.


Play games you've already played before in English or some random VN where you wouldn't care about the plot either way


That's what I've been doing, but it'll be nice when I finally reach the point where I can study by reading things I actually want to read.


>started tae kim today what the fuck


Side by side, it's nutsy at first but its not that bad.


In digital? It's not bad, since they're all positioned different enough to remember them. It's only in handwriting where it gets bad, since those little lines start drifting all the fuck over the place.


Remembering their stroke order might help if you know hiragana already. You can do this with the other three as well. You should learn Hiragana first either way.


I just want to know this fucking language, I learned english why is this shit so much harder

日本語でプレイしたゲームを貼る。いまはモンハンP 3rdをプレイ中

Post games to play in Japanese. Currently playing MHp3rd

モンハンP 3rdはPS3版をちょっとだけプレイした。チュートリアルの男はよかった。最近は主に未翻訳のPS1ゲームをプレイすることが多い

I played a bit of the PS3 port of of P3rd recently. The tutorial guy is great. Mostly have been trying out untranslated PS1 stuff lately though.


>Kanji has two reading >In Japanese the subject is implied, while in English, you are always stating the subject


>In Japanese the subject is implied, while in English, you are always stating the subject that's a really convenient feature though.


Really not


It makes me wonder how easy it is to fuck up translations with just that.


watch this week's Radiant (season finale) official subs got the subject wrong TWICE different scenes too


>南斗鳳凰拳奥義天翔十字鳳 Why the fuck is this allowed?


>not loving chuuni strings of kanji


I'd never thought of it like that. I can definitely picture some school kid coming up with a super move called the Southern Star Phoenix Fist Hidden Technique: Soaring Cross Phoenix

日本語の話題になってるけど、タイピングはどれくらい早くできる? 長いあいだ勉強と一緒にタイピングもしたら英語と同じくらいのスピードになるかと思ったら、そんなことはなかったぜ

Since we're on a topic about Japanese, how fast can you guys type in that language? After many years of learning and typing, I expected to be the same speed I am in English, but still type really slow.


Slow as fuck, try out the original Typing of the Dead or the JP exclusive Typing of the Dead 2 (based on HotD3) if you want a laugh.


Is it true when they say its harder for ppl that has english as their native tongue to learn and speak japanese?


Yes, but that doesn't mean much. It is mostly about pronunciation anyway. So if you aren't stupid yankee, go ahead.


Sure, Japanese is considered the hardest language due to the unfamiliar grammar, completely different writing system, and the general lack of common words. This is changing, though. Japanese today has a huge amount of English loanwords, and although a significant proportion wind up being misleading, they still make the language a bit easier. I'd say within 50 years, it'll be downgraded so that Chinese is considered the hardest language, because they really don't use English loanwords at all. The reality, of course, is that Japanese is also the easiest language to learn if you're here. I could never, in a million years, learn French. Not because it's difficult or would take a lot of time, but because I'd blow my brains out after a day or two.


I hate all of you


>learning handwriting Japanese people can't even write by hand anymore. What a waste of time


For some people it really helps with memorization


You have to learn to write it with its proper stroke order. If you're going to learn a language, you can't skimp on something so fundamental. You're building a strong foundation for the rest of your learning.

これまでに日本語を手書きする機会があったのか? 俺は最後に自国語を手書きしたのがいつだったかも思い出せない

When are you ever going to write something by hand in Japanese? I can't even remember the last time I wrote by hand in my own languages


>proper stroke order Stroke order should help with writing the characters, but some of them are just retarded, such as 左 and 右 having a different order to the first two strokes, even though it's the same thing. Chinese stroke order starts both the same way, with the horizontal stroke first.

Kanjiを学ぶとき、画数や書き順って本当に重要か? どうも気が進まない。英語の筆記体を学ぶようなものなんじゃないか。知ってれば少しだけ役立つかもしれないが、会話や読み取りのスキルとは何の関係もない。本来は覚えるものだというかもしれないが、もし俺が誰も翻訳しないようなkusogeやただのエロゲをやりたいだけなら、覚える意味がないぜ

When learning kanji, does stroke count or stroke order really matter that much? I can't bring myself to care. It seems like learning cursive english. It's marginally useful to know but has literally no bearing on your ability to speak or read the language. It might be "proper" to learn but if I'm just going to be playing kusoge and buying porn I don't see the point.


Not really. It's good to know the general rules of stroke order but even the Japanese government says it's just a general guideline for teaching. Most people don't know stroke order was only set in 1958. People that say they can tell the difference between following stroke order or not have just fallen for useless orientalism. They probably don't give a shit that different cultures draw a circle in different starting positions and directions. Becoming autistic over dumb asinine shit like stroke order is just cope for the fact they can pat themselves on the back for that instead of learning more vocab or reading more. Knowing stroke number might help (and it's good to know the difference between computer / written fonts) but only insofar as it helps you look up stuff in a dictionary.


>started learning japanese >a bunch of huge time sink video games I like come out in quick succession to top off my backlog >put on hold because i have no diciprine it's not easy being an underachiever


>on /v/ >learning japanese >backlog >underachiever are you me?


>completely stops you from ever trying to learn japanese again


I finished that.


Can I get a quick rundown on this?


a common beginner recommendation so it's the first vn they try to snail through people also complain about it being boring

おすすめのエ口ゲ/ビジュアルノベルを教えてほしい 海外ゲーマーの反応
もし日本語覚えたら最初にどんなゲームしたい? 海外の反応


>tried learning japanese a year and a half ago >quit because it took way too long >start again recently realizing i'd be at an intermediate level if i just kept it up you can do it anon, just start now


>Want to learn Japanese >Realize every Japanese game I give two fucks about has an english patch/localization >90% of the faggots who work in Japan say it's terrible, they work tons of unpaid hours and Japanese workplace culture is shit >Question whether or not I actually want to learn it


Learn it. because more and more we're gonna see fucking bullshit like localizers "fixing" scripts. It's also nice not worrying about if something is gonna come west or not, you can just play it. And even in the case where it's getting a translation, you can always play it before it releases in cases where there's not a simultaneous release. Example for first and last point: Persona 5 Royal


You'll regret not learning the language in a few years when you could already have been fluent. If there is ever a video game or VN that you want to play and it's not translated then it's legitimately faster to learn Japanese then it is to wait for a translation team to assemble and complete the translation. Yosuga no Sora is still being translated after more than a decade. The Ar Tonelico 2 Relocalization Project went from 2009-2017. Just learn Japanese. Just don't actually go to Japan or work in Japan.


>Can now understand plenty of Gaming and Manga Dialogue after 5 years of learning Totally worth it.


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