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How do we fix the h-game genre?


More side-scrolling sprite rape combat with various monsters.


Thanks anon for speaking my mind. And no chibi sprites either.


This is the only way. Sidescrolling H-game with sprites is the pinnacle of gaming.


we live in the dark timeline where otome function never came out and raised the bar. we need gachashit to die. we also need age and key to miraculously not die. or you could just redouble your efforts to learn nihongo and suddenly you have a whole lifetime of games to play. times was good from 1989 to 2014.


more futanari, pegging and female:muscle



ふたなり × 女の子、それは最も正しすぎるエロの姿

Futa on girl is literally the straightest porn in existence


>I prefer my girls to have penises The worst kind of cope that never gets old

1. ふたなり × ショタ
2. ふたなり × 男
3. ふたなり × ふたなり
4. 男 × ふたなり
5. ふたなり × 女

yes, forgot to mention, futa priorities: 1. futa on shota 2. futa on male 3. futa on futa 4. male on futa --- power gap --- 5. futa on female

ふたなり × 男はゴミすぎる。男が男の娘の場合に限りわずかに許容される

Fuck off, futa on male is garbage and is only remotely acceptable if the male is a trap.

ふたなり × 女は好きじゃないとな。おまえの中のホモが育ちすぎてしまったようだな

you are definitely a turbohomo if futa on female is your least favorite


a guy wanting to be fucked by male anatomy is gay. This isn't complicating anon

まんさん激おこ。ふたなり筋肉女子 × ショタかペニバン女子こそ大正義だというのに

hoes mad. female:muscle and futa on shota/pegging are top straight


Listing fetishes doesn't fix the production issues these games have. Even if there was a game that was 100% perfect for my fetishes it's worthless if it's unplayable shit.


The problem with hentai games is that either way you spin it, gameplay will inevitably distract from the hentai itself unless the gameplay is really simple or the hentai is strictly restricted to story segments. You may as well play a visual novel or a game in which the hentai is dispensed during scenes between gameplay segments, either as a reward for winning (Sengoku Rance style) or punishment for losing (Monster Girl Quest, Succubus Prison).


Fun gameplay


This. Need more gameplay elements/control rather than just slideshows of porn.


these are the correct answers. Koikatsu would be the perfect h-game if only illusion implement the AA2 gameplay


aa2 gameplay is the opposite of fun unless you have autism


Regardless of what you think, AA2 gameplay is still superior to Koikatsu. In fact, Koikatsu took multiple steps back in the gameplay department. It only went up in character creator.


>good art but bad gameplay >good gameplay but bad art >bad at both That's why we can't have nice things. If the creator is good at both then he will probably don't want to bother with h-game anymore.


It's a funding problem, at the moment people with money are too scared to invest and it's just a few niche japanese companies and patreon leeches out there.

Patreonとは主にYouTubeコンテンツ製作者(Youtuber)、ミュージシャン、ウェブコミック作者向けのクラウドファンディングプラットフォームである。作者は自身のファン(愛好者)やパトロン(支援者)から定期的に、もしくは作品ごとに寄付を募ることが可能である。サンフランシスコに本社を置いており、2013年にミュージシャンのジャック・コンテ(英語版)と技術者のサム・ヤムが設立した from: Wikipedia


make h-game development profitable again so more companies can pop up to try making games


At least Steam is allowing some h-games now so the platform issue is getting better. Just need studios with more than 1-2 people to start making projects.


problem is the people making h-game start-ups on Steam don't understand the concept of working 8 hours a day


no wonder since most of them get money from pateron or something where they can just do shit at a snails pace. would need actual directors and people with management skills to get shit done.


Real h-game developers aren't afraid to finish games and don't want to be stuck doing one game forever because they have tons of ideas for new games The ones that don't follow the typical game development process and resort to Patreon are usually just stringing along their supporters and don't really want to make games, they just want a meal ticket.


Most eroges by Sirius team are great but the sad part is none of their games are translated.


name of the cg on the right?


source of the cg on the right?

絶対女帝都市 〜叛逆の男・カムイ〜 【18禁】
- サンクタムを構成する都市のひとつ、『アストライア』でも、男たちは虐げられていた。
市民を監視する公安警察『グレイス』は、女帝に永遠の忠誠を誓った、 女性のみで構成された憲兵組織『ナイトメアレーベン』を頂点として恐怖と暴力で都市を治めていた。
ナイトメアレーベンとスラムの男たちは日夜衝突を繰り広げ、 力なき人々は街の片隅で息を潜めて暴力が過ぎ去るのを待つしかなかった。
DMM(Windows) DLsite(Windows)

「すべてのインディー系開発者のゲーム開発力の向上」 簡単に言えばこれ

The simple answer is "make all indie devs better at making games" The fags who wanna make VNs are already limiting their potential, but the ones who work in Unity or Unreal simply just need to get better at programming, modeling, animating, etc


>simply >just Do you know how armchair your sound when you use those words like that?


As if playing or making videogames wasn't the fucking epitome of armchair ANYTHING


Play Sengoku Rance


Nobody plays Rance for the porn though


The porn is pretty good though. The point is it's porn with actual good gameplay.

戦国ランス 廉価版 DLsite


traps, it's honestly a disgrace how little trap games their is in comparison to other genre.


because it's gay

それで? はっきり言って、男の娘ゲーは99%の純愛ゲーなんかよりも優れているというのに

and? Honestly trap games that aren't text adventure autism shit is better than 99% of vanilla shit.


>give the player the option to play as a black guy >add more dickgirls and femboys in the game to fuck Done.


Kill RPGMaker. That will purge 95% of projects and force people to put effort into their game instead of just slapping a few cgs on a regular rpg.


>Kill RPGMaker there are some good rpgm games>violated heroine >vitamin quest >that new vampire game i don't remember the name of


The needs of my dick outweigh a handful of above average games. It demands quality animations.


I just use H-games (specifically Koikatsu) to make cute and funny pictures so I can get other people to draw them.


Here's the same picture, but drawn.


A girl I grew up with legitimately had this problem. Her mom was an escort and she'd find both used and unused condoms in the living room, in her mom's purse, or among her clothing. Her mom stopped a couple of years back, but holy shit, I remember some fucked stories about her.


I want to FUCK that MILF on her daughter's bed


She has TWO daughters, anon.

コイカツ! DL版【18禁】
- ILLUSIONが満を持してお届けする、過去最高品質のアニメシェーダーを採用、究極のキャラメイクシステムが搭載された最新作が遂に登場!
どんな顔だって思うがまま!簡単、しかも奥深い!究極のフェイスメイクここにあり!その存在感は本物を超える?! 究極のボディデザインで、あなた好みの悩殺ボディを作っちゃおう! よりどりみどりの30性格!さらに反応を細かく設定出来ちゃいます!


Combine AA2 gameplay with Koikatsu character engine. Bam, ultimate H Game


Koikatsu with AA2 gameplay. Add preset relationships (including things like family) and friendship circles/cliques. Includes group bullying which might be lewd.



>good ai with tons of personalities and Ai/Ai interactions >a lot of sex position, >decent cum physics >3p and orgies >awesome character creator >a very easy mod-friendly engine >you can create stories and rp inside it ...wait.. thats just AA2 with koi character creation and some fix here and there. there were go.best h game ever.cant wait for AA3


Alright /v/, Illusion puts you in charge of making AA3. What features do you add or remove?


I fire everyone and hire people who can actually program a 3D game


Bully but everyone acts like they're in Persona and you can fuck them End of story


This. Even just a Persona-type game where you have a school term, calendar events, study and tests, seasons, etc. mixed with romance/H gameplay similar to what we've already seen. Character interactions are expanded to encompass groups of friends, hobbies, and club activities that all build additional skills. Everything is heavily customizable and moddable of course.

モンスターガールパック: ヘビ娘、クモ娘、ケンタウロス娘、スライム娘のボディーとアニメーションを追加

>3D world like koikatsu >koikatsu character creator with more clothing layers and a male height slider >NPCs will ask you questions sometimes on "talk about x" options, answer in a way the NPC likes/dislikes for more/less points >more classes and teachers >faculty positions like nurse, gym teacher, librarian, headmaster/principal >can designate NPCs as family members >more non-H contact options like handholding, hair stroking, butt groping on females, etc. >futa/yuri/3P right out of the box >more sex positions in general >other areas like a mall or park you can go to after school or on Sunday >make fighting a minigame (that still heavily favors stats) >actually good VR support And the expansion pack:>Monstergirl pack: Adds bodies and animations for snakegirls, spidergirls, centaurgirls, slimegirls


>futa uh no trannies please, thanks but everything else yes basically this


Make it a fantasy setting, some sword&sorcery academy. Ten times the stats, both up front and hidden, both for an adventuring/RPG front and more social/behavioral tendencies. Choose each student's electives and gear that form their class and skills. Five days of study at the Academy, and then you choose a party of four to go on an adventure in a randomized field/dungeon each weekend. Said dungeon is full of bandits, demons, monsters, monster girls, the usual. Win and loss conditions for those encounters. Because magic, pregnancy and death is not the end for those students - any baby bump (from student or monster conception) will be hocus-pocused into young adult age after a couple weeks, and any killed student can be revived if you recover the body from the dungeon (or if the yandere does a stabbing, they yandere runs off into a dungeon to become a villain, requiring you to defeat them before you can revive the victim).


Outlaw NTR


No, we need to reveal the NTRfags who should be put in forced labor camps and worked to death.


Question: I’m not against NTR, but I’m wondering what people get out of it. What’s the appeal?

わからん。支配欲か何かか? なぜ誰かと誰かの関係が壊れるところを見たいと思うのだろうか。どこかで快楽堕ちに関係してると読んだことがあるが、それは寝取りじゃなくてもできることだ

I have no idea, maybe it's a dominance thing? Idk why you'd want to see someones relationship broken up. I read somewhere about it having to do with mind break, but that can be done without NTRing someones girl.


NTR is fine for anyone who isn't a self inserting fag. Just another flavor for porn.


>who isn't a self inserting fag This doesn't make any sense. How can you fap without imagining yourself in the position of one of the participants?


Two things. First, there is a difference between inserting exclusively as the protagonist for the duration of a game, and imagining yourself as a particular character during a scene for the purpose of masturbation. Second, it's absolutely possible to fap without imagining yourself as a participant, as any straight man who's fapped to a lesbian scene can attest.


I am a fan on rape and NTR but I don't know why NTR give me stronger feeling, maybe NTR has better plot


>maybe NTR has better plot lmao definitely not.


Youtube: Sakeru Gum series さけるグミ #1-11 complete (Eng SUB)

> Implying ntr doesn't have good plot > implying good plot can't come from ntr than they do of non-ntr. https://youtube.com/watch?v=sZsJyCyGBSI


Can't believe you guys haven't mentioned the king of current H-games in terms of features and T E C H N O L O G Y, Miconisomi. Literally the only the thing that's holding Miconisomi back is not having the same budget and human resources as KISS or Illusion but as far as quality goes Miconisomi is number 1. Like I can't believe there's still no dedicated x-ray cam in both Illusion and Custom maid aside from buggy mods or whatever.


Whats so good about it, can you elaborate? It just seems like clone of CM3D games.


I'm talking about Insult order.


I like the animations and scenes they make, but that VN-like approach of progressing through menu screens does nothing for me. In a perfect world these companies would band together and create the ultimate sandbox rpg porn game with an easy to use scenario creator and native mod tools.


>Sucks on your pinkie after glugging litres of classmates' sperm Cute imouto. I really liked measuring glass bit after gangbang scene. Hope they do something like this more.


>blushes from simple head patting Too pure for this world.


which one's that?

奉課後林間中毒 DMM DLsite


io is so fucking good it would probably be the best h game to exist if it was updated had more customization options and included more sex positions and different special sex events too (and a studio) whoever the fuck made this game needs to make a second one or update this shit


Visit their blog. They are cooking a new one with even more TECHNOLOGY. It is heavy NTR one but you are plaing the janitor guy so whatever.


>NTR fucking why

インサルトオーダー ~生イキにゃん娘の快堕メニュー~【18禁】
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1. 名無しchan
文句つける前に金払え 戦国ランスの違法DL割合異常だろうが
2. 名無しchan
当然かも知れないけどエロゲ会社の内情とか もうほとんど死んでるなんて大半の外人さんは 知らないのかな
3. 名無しchan
steamに出せばそれなりに売れるみたいだから営業努力がたりんのだろう まあ長い長いシナリオを英語やチャイナ語に翻訳するのもタダじゃないが
4. 名無しchan
5. 名無しchan
ここ最近のDL販売って実際どうなんだろうか? 昔は高くて買えなかった作品とかが3000円~1000円で買えたりするから月に数本定期的に買ってるんだけど、そういうプレイヤーって多くないのかな? 1万前後の新作を年に数本買ってた頃より今のほうが業界に金落としてるんだけどな・・・昔は大半が中古購入だったけど、今はDL販売だから直接メーカーに金入るはずなんだが。 ミンクもないなって外から見てるときつそうだが。
6. 名無しchan
俺はゲームとして楽しんでいるのであってエロ目的ではない お前たちとは違う