でもFateってエ口ゲじゃん 衛宮さんちの今日のごはんゲーム化に沸く海外ファンの反応

でもFateってエ口ゲじゃん 衛宮さんちの今日のごはんゲーム化に沸く海外ファンの反応




https://twitter.com/mai_emiyagohan/status/1212011518662832128?s=20 WHAT THE FUCK NINTENDO WON


I'm totally down, that show really did make me feel warm inside


It's no cooking ama but I take it. >switch exclusive >no ps4 Oh no


Oh god I an actually see sonyfags getting mad about this.


If you can't cook hambagu steakie together with Illya-tan heads will roll


Maybe this timeline's not so bad after all...


Shirou in smash soon


Will smashfags seethe if Shirou or Saber gets in?


>another anime swordperson!?


Saber is the one it wouldn't be impossible to get in Smash. But it should really be Archer or Arcueid.


>SwitchIt's not fucking fair, I don't want to buy the bing bing wahoo machine


>published by Aniplex So if you buy it you're giving money to Sony...


you have got to be fucking kidding me. we could have gotten a fighting game or something, and instead we get this of them


Get fucked fightingger, no one can stop the cooking tide


cooking game is easy money


Is this an actual new game or is it like that Stein’s Gate thing a while back where its literally just QTEs playing over scenes from the anime?


I'm buying this. Fuck yeah. Hope the Tsukihime remake is next though~


Prepare for my ultimate attack!

>FGO アーケードでもない

>A gay cooking game >Not FGO Arcade port Very gay

>FGO アーケード

>FGO Arcade port No thanks.


It looks great, it is basically Dissida done right and the console version would not be monetized like the Arcade one.


>Dissida done right >1 attack button >Can't even jump Lmao.


I was in Tokyo recently and tried to play this game. Couldn't figure out how, I guessed I need to buy 5 other things or something to play a fucking arcade machine.


nope you needed a card and had to make a profile on their website. the card would keep track of your save data. i sat at the machine for like an hour looking up shit before i figured it out


>porn game on switch Yikes, Nintendo.......


Seething snoyboy


>I can use my brothers switch to cook meals with my waifu Based Nintendo

- 衛宮士郎が自慢の手料理で、冬木の住人やサーヴァントたちをほっこりさせちゃいます!

DMM 楽天


She's in.


Wow theres literally no reason she couldn't be in Smash now. Sakurais been playing the long con.


Tsukihime remake died for this.




I honestly don't want current tm to touch Tsukihime.


Tsukihime is shit. Let it die.


Tsukihime is literally better than anything TM has released since then. They should leave it dead in order to avoid ruining it.

質問なんだが、月姫Fateの関係ってどうなってるの? シオンってガチャ以外でもFateと関わってくる?

Question for someone who is out of the know for Fate stuff. What is Tsukihime's relation to the rest of Fate, if any? Is Sion involved in Fate outside of the gacha?


Almost all TM stuff plays in the same world, there's a lot of shit in Tsukihime that influences events in other series and vice versa, a lot of character overlap, and so on and so forth. If you want a rough idea you could sink your teeth into the wiki, at least for the stuff available in English it's pretty extensive and up to date. I don't think Sion is really involved in anything but Melty and FGO though, maybe some obscure manga spin off I don't know about.


They are connected, but it's usually fairly indirectly and characters that appear in both are mostly just referenced like Touka building HF Shirou's Puppet Body or Zelretch's meddling kickstarting events here and there. The connections are mostly just cool little nods you pick up on if you know details about the inner workings of the Nasuverse as a whole but would otherwise completely go over your head without you feeling like you even missed out on anything


>shitty cooking game i wondered who actually gives a fuck but then remembered slapping on fate to whatever garbage they think of will sell for sure


It's a comfy SoL show, of course it's popular


It's a 15 year long meme in the making, if you hate this you are unironically too new and/ or young.



>shitty shirou cooking shorts were basically 1 year ago >VN has a few scenes and jokes of them cooking so its been in the making since its creation! hahah what a moron


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There hasn't been a year gone by where Nasu didn't talk about how much he'd love a cooking game featuring Shirou, there was even a pretty in-depth mock up for one as an april fool's joke It's literally one of the biggest TM memes period and featured in fucking everything from official to fan creations


>He lacks the knowledge



I have a serious question for /v/: In the case of any other franchise, the notion of shunning secondaries is a symptom of elitist, stupid fans that are too cloistered and stuck their own asses to share their franchise with newcomers. So then, why is it in Fate's case that secondaries being cancerous is CORRECT? It's the only example I've ever seen where the secondaries are every bit the ill-informed, unwilling to learn but extremely arrogant retards that the primary fans claim them to be. How is this so?


>How is this so? because you're a delusional Fate primary. Fate primaries are every bit as elitist and delusional as any other hivemind



>GOfags >Apofags >Extrafags >And worst of all, Zerofags Anon, you're nothing but a filthy liar if you think he's not telling the truth that Fate secondaries are unmitigated cancer. I've never seen casual fans so completely hostile to the source material of the shows they claim to love.


2hu fan here. Go on twitter and tell western fans that Touhou is a bullet hell series and they should at least try 1cc one game and see what happens.


Secondaries will consume the material through a secondary source, hence the term secondary obviously. What makes it a big issue in Fate, especially SN is that the secondary sources, the anime, do a poor job of showing what made the VN memorable. In SN you're able to read Shirou's inner thoughts and have a look at his struggles as a person and as someone who's trying to be a hero in an era where that concept is dead. Among those thoughts you see him try to forgive those who took his life from him, but who he ultimately must eliminate to save those he truly cares about. Then comes into play his survivor's guilt and him questioning why he deserves to have people care for him and why he should choose who lives and dies. It's incredibly difficult to adapt this into an anime format and unfortunately ufotable just wasn't able to, and the route that needed it the most suffered for it. It gets worse when people are introduced to the franchise through teritary sources, such as the video games and FGO. They're not exposed to anything that made the fanbase like Fate in the first place and their's a conflict in interest that leads to a division in the fanbase. Shirou is one of my favorite characters and a big reason as to why I still like Fate, but when people don't experience the original story completely through him, they simply just don't understand why he's so beloved and most just write him off as a self-insert character like you would find in most VN's and modern anime, such as isekais.


Most based post on this thread.



Fucking hype. God bless Japan and the resurrection and ascension of their now impeccable taste. I absolutely cannot wait to start cooking food with and for my king and everyone else. This is straight up the best decision Nintendo and Japan has ever made. I finally have enough reason to buy a switch between this and RF. Its now time boys I AM THE BONE OF MY SKILLET STEEL IS MY WOK, AND FIRE IS IN MY EYES I HAVE CREATED OVER THOUSAND MEALS UNKNOWN TO FAST FOOD NOR KNOWN TO INSTANT MEALS WITHSTOOD HEAT TO CREATE DISHES. WAITING FOR ONE'S PROPER COOK TIME. YET THIS MOUTH WILL NEVER EAT ANYTHING SO AS I PRAY, UNLIMITED FOOD WOKS


most unironically based reply on this thread.


>another year without a Fate fighting game Guess I'l keep waiting

>毎日♪ 衛宮さんちの今日のごはん

>https://twitter.com/mai_emiyagohan/status/1212011518662832128?s=20 >saber all over the trailer B-but I want to cook for/with Rin!


but anon, Rin is also cooking for saber


Her parts are all cooking related sex scenes with saber, they can't show that in the trailer.


Rin is trash. Ishtar and ereshkigal are better.


I don't understand the difference


Rin is a classic tsundere, Eresh is dere-dere and Ishtar is tsun-baka


Imagine if Rin was a slut

凛 is for(_______)

Rin is for _______




old men


My erect penis


I really don't get why FATE got so popular. It sucks ass.


unironically the gacha / gambling and waifufagging before that it was just a niche franchise with two bad porn VNs, a couple of anime adaptations and some average games (Extra probably being the most popular)

みんな原作のビジュアルノベルがこのシリーズを人気化をさせたことを忘れている。アニメは(映画のHeaven's Feelを除いて)どれも本当にひどい出来で、そもそもこのシリーズを人気のあるものにした要素をまるで表現できていなかった。また、FGOもこのシリーズの評判を落としてくれた。ひぐらしや、うみねこのように、アニメがシリーズを殺した。みんながこのシリーズを大好きだと言っても、そもそもなぜこのシリーズが人気を博したのかを知るために80時間も費やして原作が読まれることがないのは悲しいね

because everyone tends to forget that the VN was what made it populare. The anime adaptations (barring the heaven's feel movies) are all absolutely awful and a poor representation of what made the series popular in the first place. also FGO gave the series a horrible reputation. the anime is what killed it just like higurashi and umineko. it's sad because people say they love the series but can't devote 80hrs to reading what makes it good in the first place


the anime and FGO made that popularity skyrocket, regardless of what any if us think of their quality.


FGO is what killed its reputation, not the subpar anime adaptations noone cared about up till now

Heaven's fellのスタッフがUBWも作った。そのアニメはどうだった?

the people making the heaven's feel movies also made the UBW anime. How was that anime bad?


Not that anon, but the main director was different.


>Carnival Phantasm was awful


What can i do to make a gacha making more money than Fate?

相当数の二次嫁か二次夫を有する有名IPを利用する。FGOグラブルのようにキャラクターと装備の両方を回すガチャを実装する。人気キャラの排出率を上げた直後にほかの人気キャラの排出率を上げる。たまに高ステータスな装備の排出率も上げる 正直、FGOの成功はタイミングがよかったというのもある。現在の市場では、他のガチャでは同じようにはいかない。ポケモンのようにね

Utilize a popular IP with a good number of waifus and husbandos. Have a gacha that produces both characters and equipment like FGO and Granblue. Have rateups for popular characters immediately after rateups for other popular characters. Also occasionally have rateups for high value equipment. Honestly timing was a part of FGO's success too. Other gacha have failed to do as well in the current market, like pokemon

FGOのストーリーを無視することはできない。FGO以前のスマホゲーには、キャラ絵を無理やり売りつけるための言い訳のようなレベルのストーリーしかなかった FGOの長大で、丁寧で、基本的にはシリアスなストーリーに人々は惹きつけられた

You can't ignore FGO's story. Before FGO mobages didn't even try to have anything more than an excuse plot to shove jpgs down your throat. FGO's long, detailed, and often quite serious story attracted people.


And things were better off that way, when mobage were just fun side stories and omake instead of the force that dictates the main canon.


>FGO >serious

なぜいつもFateのスレにFGOが入って来るのか? 誰かガチャ厨を追い払ってくれない?

Why is it that FGO is always brought up whenever a FSN thread is here? Can you gachafags please fuck off for once?


It's /tmg/ that's bringj g it up. They're eternally salty over fgo and they blame it for everything when the garbage they like isn't getting any attention.


FGO is the reason your porn VN isn't a niche franchise like Tsukihime.


Yeah, it was really a coinflip between tsukihime and fate getting the multi-billion dollar gacha, and it was super unfortunate that things ended up the way they did without tsukihime getting the recognition it deserves.

ちなみに俺は今頃になってFate沼にハマった新参だけど、ZeroはアニメのStay NightUBWより良かったと言わざるを得ない

Holy shit some of you fuckers are insufferable just let us enjoy things i barely got into the fate rabbit hole and I gotta say Zero as a whole was a better anime than Stay Night and UBW. High school bullshit is lame and you know it.

>アニメのStay NightUBWより良かった
>Stay Night
DEENのStay Nightを観たのか……

>was a better anime than Stay Night and UBW >anime >Stay Night You watched DEEN/Stay Night didn't you...


It only goes to shit plot wise after the 18 episode Before isn't any worse than UBW anime. if you ignore the worse animation. It has beautiful stills and a pretty good OST though.


The entire first season of UBW is like 90% high school kid drama retarded tropes, season 2 is MUCH better zero stayed consistent and had its share of fun moments, but without high schoolers being retarded

ZeroStrange Fakeは違う。だからプロットに焦点を当てることができた

Fate is an eroge Fate/Zero and Strange Fake isn't and can focus on the plot


The posts above show how delusional both primaries and secondaries can be in this franchise. Shirou is a harem self-insert fo the chuunibyou audience and Kiritsugu is a manchild Zerofags pretend it's cool because he dresses in black and smokes a lot. They're both terrible characters.


>Shirou is a harem self-insert Ah yes, I love to self insert into an insane suicidal teenager.


They're both juvenile in their own ways. Shirou has way more interesting relationships with the girls and other Servants (Archer, Gil, Saber, etc.) which make him more likable than Kiritsugu by a longshot. Shirou is a self-insert for waifuism Kiritsugu is a self-insert for "muh stoic batman with a hint of edge" wannabe


neither shirou nor kiritsugu are self inserts they are so far removed from reality (ideology-wise), but it seems to be on purpose. they're 2 sides of the same coin representing what happens when you take the concept of "the hero" and crank it up to 11. i hate faggots who "identify" with either of them when they're unlikeable and serve better as character studies



>FSN >harem >shirou >self insert lol ok

士郎は最高のハーレム主人公だと思ってるけど、それはかろうじてハーレムといえる規模だったからだよ。彼の家には、いつもせいぜい4人くらいの女の子がいて、それからほんの短い期間だけ、そこに2~3人が一緒に住んでいた。少なくとも最初のビジュアルノベルではそうだった。これがhollow ataraxiaでは一気にハーレム化するんだが、俺これ好き

I think shirou is the best written harem MC, but that's because it's barely a harem. At any one time there are maybe 4 girls at most in his house, and only for a short period of time, typically it's only 2-3 actually LIVING there at one time, at least in the first VN. It nosedives right into harem in HA but I love it. He's also very hard to self-insert as because he has such quirks and autistic weirdness to himself. Doesn't stop me though from trying.


次は何だ? Fate stay/nightはポ〇ノゲームじゃない? 確かにそんな議論をしてる初期ファンを見たことがある


>despite being a massive autist, male character is surrounded by females with romantic interest in him and ends up with any of the main heroines in their specific routes (or two, UBW, Good End) >this isn't harem What's next? F/SN wasn't a porn game? I've seen primaries arguing it wasn't. hirou >self insert For chuunis with grandiose delusions, yes. Carnival Phantasm plays the trope straight because the elements were already present in the original VNs.

>Fate stay/nightはポ〇ノゲームじゃない

>>F/SN wasn't a porn game If it is porn game it is a terrible one. No one reads it for the porn it simply isn't worth it. Doujins alone can scratch that itch a trillion times over. No one read FSN for the porn and if they did they're a fucking retard it's terrible porn.


Good or bad, it's still an eroge (porn).

hollow ataraxiaの凛のHシーンは良かった

HA Rin hscene was good

hollow ataraxiaにはシリーズで唯一よかったエロがあったけど、それは書いたのが奈須じゃなくて(私の記憶が確かなら)ほかの男たちだったからだ(絵はまだ竹内だった)


HA was the only good porn of the games, and that's because it wasn't written by Nasu (iirc) but done by some other dudes (the art is still Takeuchi). >Good or bad, it's still an eroge (porn). It's bad porn, good story. But call it what you want because retarded burgers like you can't separate something's sexuality from it's artistic merit unlike the rest of society. It seems like you are making it a point to call it a porn game because it makes you feel smart somehow.


Fateniggers are retarded, why the fuck are you guys constantly crying about something?



>Oldfags hate new things and newfags >Newfags hate oldfags sperging It's an endless cycle. I'm only still here because I'll buy whatever Nasu sells me as long as it sounds chuuni enough. Put enough unconnected adjectives and prefixes to a word and it'll sound cool regardless of it's actual quality.


Every time i see these threads and realize i have absolutely no idea what anyone is talking about it fills me with joy that i’m not a retarded weaboo who plays mobile gacha trash just because it’s popular in Japan. It’s the equivalent of a Japanese westaboo who watches american reality TV shows and is fully immersed in black twitter culture, you know the kind you scroll through their timeline and it’s all nigger reaction gifs.


>mobile gacha trash Dunno what stupid secondaries are doing, I just liked the animes and the two VNs. All parts of it associated with the gacha bullshit can be discarded safely because of alternate timeline fuckery.


Most fatefags on 4chan unironically (outside of /fgog/) know Fate because of the VN and anime

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]【電子書籍】
- 伝説的売り上げを記録したPCゲーム『Fate/stay night』の最後のルート[Heaven’s Feel]がついにコミック化!

DMM 楽天




>squash soup every single day


>TAIMANIN COOKING GAME WHEN? Sounds like it could be fun.


>all recipes requires cream, mayo, or eggs


Chibi Taimanin that emphasizes cute and moe could potentially work, especially if Lilith want a more worksafe version of their IP.


1. 名無しchan
なんか恨み辛み妬みに溢れてそう 言うて自分もZeroにはだいぶ恨みを持ってるけどね(しかし同人版の方の小説をほぼリアルタイムで買ってる)
2. 名無しchan
あけおめ 長めの翻訳乙 海外でも型月信者は日本のとそんなにかわらんのやね